• Quick survey,

    Does anyones B let them know when they are hungry? Our little girl will pick up her sisters food bowl (the girls are kept seperate for eating - have had some issues in the past) and run thru the house with it (and it is a big bowl!). The other thing Trixie will do is put her paws in the bowl and dig! It cracks us up! Just curious if anyones else B does these types of things?:)

  • Topper will turn over the bowls(stainless steel), or fling them across the room. He does the same thing when the water bowl is empty. Ed and Nick just wait patiently.


  • Jazz just comes and spins in circles in front of me whenever she wants anything - then runs to whatever she wants : the door, her food bowl, the cookie cupboard.

    Keoki will run back and forth,hitting with his front feet either his or Jazz's food bowl and keep looking up the stairs – the kids usually feed him, so he looks for them.

  • Sometimes Sahara doesn't eat until mid day, she doesn't have much of an appetite on those days. I don't think she would never eat if I didn't put it in the bowl for her. She stayed below 25 lbs. for the longest time, now she is up to 27lbs. I would like for her to level out to 23-25 lbs. and just recently her appetite is picking up, but there are days she doesn't eat at all.

  • my parents dog will scratch at her water bowl when she's thirsty.. not so much with food though

    maggie runs in circles when shes gotta go out and mia just stares at you and cries nonstop

  • Ours whine & whimper & paw at us when they want something. They don't let us know when they want to eat by picking up bowls or begging. They're food is kept in the hallway closet & when its around food time (even if they just got done eating) & they notice you walking down the hall, they will run & stop in front of the door in anticipation. EVERY time the door gets opened for other reasons, they are right there waiting for food.

  • Thanks for all the responses. Trixie also will scratch at her water bowl if it goes empty. I wish I could say she does not beg, but she will actually paw at your arms when we are trying to eat. It is one thing we are trying to work with her on, you know tell her no and push her down. It is not working! LOL! These dogs are so persistent when they decide they want something!!! She has calmed down so much (soon to be 2) but will at times try your patience! Thats why I love her!

  • When EL D wants to eat his dinner he will first go through the den and throw his dog bed, then, like MacPack's Topper, he'll fling his food bowl across the kitchen. When I do feed him, he'll twirl and twirl in front of me as I bring his food from the bin to his bowl. He does love his food 🙂

  • Spike will also carry his food bowl around when it's time to eat, drops it in front of the food cupboard until it gets filled. Roxy twirls. Funny what similar behavior all these pups have!

  • Jack will paw at his water bowl, tip it over, grab and run with it into the living room, throw it around the kitchen….

    And not only when it's empty- if he decides he wants fresh water, he'll knock water all over the kitchen floor.:mad:

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