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You know, that's a good thought. He's bigger than the average Basenji. 45 lbs ideal…a little overweight right now, but he loves to eat. Border Collie may also explains his double hyper-activity factor!

Dogs & their people leaving tomorrow for Atlanta GA for time with the families for the holidays. Our 2 actually do fairly well on the plane rides....believe it or not!! They have been checking out & spending time in their crates for the last couple days, which signals a journey for them since we don't usually crate them. They seem excited! They hate when we get the suitcases out, but not the crates.....means they aren't going.:(


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No help on the training piece, I just try to get Spike to sit and stay when a motorcycle passes or he will lunge at it…and get this one....also despises WEED WHACKERS!!!! Inspires the same behavior.:eek:

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Not sure what he may be mixed with. We figure some sort of terrier, but that's only a guess. The only clue we have on what else he may be is he had a sister with one blue eye. Anyone have any ideas on that? The Basenji part certainly has the strongest genes both in terms of his looks….and definitely his personality! Always thought he was the most unique dog...until I started to read about all of your B's! He has so many of the same's amazing.

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Spike will also carry his food bowl around when it's time to eat, drops it in front of the food cupboard until it gets filled. Roxy twirls. Funny what similar behavior all these pups have!

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Crab hunting in the Caribbean.


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Poop discussions are never taboo when dogs are concerned!! It's a big part of their day.

Our Basenji poops quite often. He walks 4 times per day, AM, mid day, after dinner & before bed. He poops on all walks except the before bed walk (he must be all pooped out by then) 😉 Often, he will poop twice on both the AM & mid day walk. On special trips (to the beach, park, etc.) he will always poop as soon as he gets there… matter what the time of day. We consider this "normal" for him as it is the way he has always been (had him for 8 years). Poop is solid, unless he ate something weird. Also, he always squat walks while he poops. (Great fun to clean up a trail of B Poop!)

Our other dog (non-Basenji, but same body style) is exactly like Chance. It is an effort to get her to go....always. Lots of snuffling, snarking, aborted attempts....tail goes up, you can tell she's working on it, but then seems to get distracted and that's it for that attempt. She always does eventually go though. I think she is mostly just picky about where/when/what other smells are in her poop spot. I have also noticed she changes spots if her "usual" has been sullied by other doggie smells. She usually winds up going once a day...although the time is inconsistent. We also consider this "normal" for her. It's the way she has always done it.

I think the dogs, just like their people, all have different habits when it comes to this & unless there is a drastic change in their habits, there's probably nothing wrong. I would think the different habits are just dog to dog differences.

No supplements for either dog.

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Our girl Roxy does this exact same thing to our B, Spike when he gets out of line with anything on their walks. She's sort of prissy & a "good dog" so we always figured it's her way of saying, "Stop being a jerk & behave, would you!!";)

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It's true! He actually does swim!!


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Here he does….the water is 85 degrees Farenheit! When he lived in Colorado, where the water was 30 degrees cooler, he wouldn't even get a paw wet. Apparently the temperature (plus the temptation of the crabs), makes all the difference.

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Here's Spike enjoying a beach day…..Hope we figured out how to get the picture attached!

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