• Hi. I have just recently brought in a new member named BEAU (3yrs old M) to our family. He is still on Eukanuba (small breed) Puppy Formula Food. I was told by the breeder that he has a very soft stomach. And warned me not switch him to anything else for he will get the runs.

    Im not expert but i dont think keeping him on puppy formula can be very healthy for him in the long run.

    Any advice?

    PS…my 10 yrs old F, who has her share of food allergy, is non Wild Salmon by Taste of the wild and doing great. A month ago i started mixing Prairie Venison as well...and...planing on introducing Instinct Vension Raw as well.

  • I would slowly start adding a bit of Taste of the Wild, their formulas are for all ages, it is what we feed to avoid grain allergies. Maybe replace 1/5 for a week then each week increase by 1/5 as long as there are no tummy issues. And see if you can make the total switch over 5 weeks.

  • The biggest difference in most puppy foods and small breed foods is the fat and protein contents. I have one that needs the higher calories found in the small breed and puppy foods.

    If he has a sensitive stomach then you will need to transition very slowly to any new food and he may not transition to a new food.

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