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I'm wondering how much I should/could feed Dex. I am feeding him Blue Buffalo Puppy Lamb and Brown Rice. The bag says one cup a day, so I figure half a cup twice a day? But he still seems hungry and keeps pawing at the pantry and his bowl and goes to look in it often 😞
I don't want him to feel hungry if he doesn't have to… I see on other threads that people add things to the diet... I'm just not sure exactly how much or of what I should go with. Also, does that effect the amount of kibble he should get??

1/2 cup twice a day sounds about right. yes, if you add things, you'll need to adjust his kibble. it is very easy for small dogs to become overweight, so keep an eye on him and make sure not to overfeed. think what just a pound or two extra could do to such a small dog. and dogs will often beg for food even when they are not hungry, just like we'll have a cookie even when we're not hungry.

Yeah, I thought of that too (him asking for food just because he feels like it). I just feel bad for him when he does it:rolleyes:
What about treats that I give him during the day?


just like we'll have a cookie even when we're not hungry.

uhm or two or three :rolleyes:

Actually, as young as Dex is, I'd think you should feed him 3 times a day. I'm sure someone else will chime in as it's been a while since Zest was a baby.

As far as treats, I use all sorts of things. Mostly human food that falls into the healthy meat/veggie/fruit catagory. NO grapes or raisins though. Green beans are a great "filler" for dogs. Lots of fiber so they feel fuller, healthy and low (no?) calories. I use thawed frozed beans as i think the canned has too much sodium. My pups also LOVE sweet potatos, zucchini, carrots, etc. They also love eggs, but that's sort of hard to use as a training treat.

I actually have been feeding him three times a day at 7AM-12PM-6PM because I had been feeding him Muenster, which was the food that I got from him breeder, and I bought the Blue Buffalo today- I was going to start off by mixing them, but the remaining Muenster accidentally got taken offshore with my fiance, so I can't do that (I hope that's OK)- and it calls for less than the other food did, so I figured that twice a day was OK, but I will stick to three times a day. So I can give the treats and not have to change the amount of regular food he eats?

depends on how many treats.

you can use his kibble as treats too. that may or may not work. it definately works for one of my basenjis, usually works for another and hardly ever work for Digital who says "That?!? I get that for free."

I feed puppies 3 times a day til they are at LEAST 4 mos old, often longer. They can't maintain blood levels as long as an adult, just like baby anythings be it horses, humans or birds.

As for feeding, here's a great formula. Feed the pup all it will eat in about 10 mins. Take it up. If after a few days the pup is getting fat, cut back. If getting thin, give longer to eat or feed more often. Every dog is not the same. For example, Arwen is sadly an efficient food user… she gets 1/4 cup 2x a day. Sayblee got 3/4 cup 2 x a day. Same weight, same size... Sayblee was 18 mos OLDER than Arwen. But frequency of feeding helps them utilize the food.

I find most puppies do well feeding three times a day. 1 cup sounds fine as well. Don't forget baby tummies are very small and feeding three times a day evens out the digestion of the food. Three times a day for a puppy is about right to make him feel satisfied and not overly full at one time.


Pippin is on Nature's Domain grain free and he gets 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup in the evening, all foods are different I realize.
I rather have a puppy on the chuncky side while so young, should an illness come up, that way they have a little to take from if diarrhea kicks in..if you know what I mean..

Pippin is far from chunky, I am actually trying to get a little more meat on him, but he walks away from his bowl and leaves a little most night he eats it all..he is 17 weeks and 16 lbs now..

I was told to feed Gambit 3 times a day for the first couple months. She gets a jar of chicken baby food when she wakes up. A bowl of natures domain kibble at lunch and another bowl of kibble mixed with either raw or red barn meat roll for dinner and does not seem hungry but is very lean


Pippin is far from chunky, I am actually trying to get a little more meat on him, but he walks away from his bowl and leaves a little most night he eats it all..he is 17 weeks and 16 lbs now..

Can you add something as simple as an egg or a tsp of oil to each meal? Should really up the calories enough without increasing the portion size and help gain.


yes, good idea..I totally forgot about those options..thanks for the idea. Which one is better,oil or egg? We have our own coop so eggs are aplenty..but I don't mind giving oil if taht is better, what kind might that be..olive oil?

I have always found that when my Basenjis are ready to reduce the number of meals a day they just lose interest in one of the meals. At what time this happens varies - every pup is different.

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