How much do you feed your basenji?

Great input from everyone, my guys seem to be adjusting to what is actually more dogfood and less human food, I hope to get 3 or 4 pounds off Eddie and a few off Nicky as well. I want Chipley to stay the nice weight he currently is.

They have stopped staring at the empty bowls and looking pitiful! Actually a fairly rapid adjustment, considering Ed & Nick have had constant kibble in their bowls for the last 10 years. And it's not as hard as I feared, none, including the new kid, guard resources thank goodness!

I feed Taz 1 cup of IAMS Allergenic all natural formula(no chicken, corn, or wheat. Made with ocean fish and no meat byproducts) twice a day plus about 2 TBS of lowfat vanilla yogurt (for probiotics) @ nite. In the morning they get it with He is 22 lbs and very active. I can't imagine that another 2 or 3 lbs on him would make much of a difference in size. He certianly wouldn't look fat in any way, shape, or form. He also gets a does of dasiquin and a welactin in the morning with his morning feeding.

Cosmo, your b looks great! Definitely the right weight, so whatever you are doing, it's the right thing. I mix 1/2 cup kibble and about a tablespoon of wet food twice a day, plus in the evening the girls get some of our veggies mixed in. I pick up the food in a half hour, because Gemma is a piggie and will clean both bowls which isn't a good thing, as Shaye eats merely enough to avoid starvation. Gemma's breed mix makes her bigger anyway, but really - she needs to lose about 4-5 pounds. I have been known to sneak extras into Shaye from time to time, just to keep her weight up to 20.

Similar to kipawa, I feed my one year old male ( currently 23.0lbs) 3/4cup x2 daily. I have to feed him twice because he is the type of dog that will throw up if he goes too long without eating! Occasionally I'll add chicken or try tO add veggies but he is picky. I'm definitely going to tale some suggestions from others on the forum and maybe give him an egg on occasion ( maybe whole or scrambled), tuna… He hates watermelon and tomatoes and is "iffy" on apples. From the picture you have she looks good

0_o wow.. I only feed maybe 3/4 to half a cup of kibble a day and Hope gets a raw bone or a piece of cooked chicken at night.

When she was a puppy I fed her 4x times a day (from 8-10 wk) then made it 3x a day (10-12wks) then til she was a yr old she was being fed twice daily. Now once daily with a small extra treat at night and she's perfect weight.

I have got her on one the highest quality type kibble here in Aus.
Expensive but worth it and don't need to feed her tons of it - cant go past quality kibble!

Occasional treats (not daily): include pig ears/trotters, pig snouts, dried chicken and chicken sticks (all natural) as well as roo tail, and some yummy type dog treat biccies that have dried veggies n stuff inside them (natural again). Yum yum yum.

I am joining late on this question how much do you feed your Basenji. My girl is 24 pounds which according to some of the online
sites is bigger for a girl, and she is 24 pounds. She is 9 months old. I think we were giving her to many snacks. lol. She is 16 inches
tall at her withers, and has long legs but not as long as some. Her elbows come up to allignment with her brisket area. She has
a small arch upward but not overly so. Her ribs are not visible but easily felt to touch and she does have a waist. She did have
fatty tissue over her ribs, so I cut her back on food and now feed her carrots for snacks. She eats 3/4 cup once a day, and my
husband thinks shes starving. I think she looks better and I think she was headed to obesity if I did not cut back. The Basenji site
says they will beg all the time, doesnt mean they are starving. Does 3/4 cup sound like enough. By the way our first Basenji, what
a sweet doll. Baroos and sings all the time, snuggles and kisses all the time, and grumbles when she doesnt want to do something.
I am a proud first time Basenji owner.

I have 4 basenjis - they get fed in the range of 3/4 cup to 2.5 cups. My oldest girl (8yo) gets 3/4, the other girl (3yo) gets 1 cup. My oldest boy (8yo) gets 1.5 cups and my youngest boy (2yo) gets 2.5 cups (anything less and he looks like a rail). I feed Orijen, Instinct Duck and Honest Kitchen Zeal.

So it sounds like no one Basenji is the same. They can vary in weight and you should go by your
individual dogs build and activity. I think she looks good, not skinny and not chunky. So I will
continue to feed her the amount I am and monitor any changes. Thanks for the feedback.

I feed Voodoo about twice the amount that is suggested on the bag of dogfood (Hill's). Allways been feeding him on sight, but have been measuring his food after a discussion with some other basenji owners. So I found out I give him double the recommended amount. And he's not at all getting fat from it.

My Bs, aged 9 and 11, get 1 cup of dry food, along with a small amount of canned food. My male, aged 5 gets 1 1/2 cups of food but he is being fed the Prescription Intestinal food along with canned. I rarely give treats and if I do it is a small portion. The amount really depends on the type of food you are feeding and the percentage of protein and fat and the activity level of the dog.

Do you have a picture of your girl?


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