Am I feeding him too much, I am new at this!

Hello everyone! I've had my boy now for 3 months and I feed him Merricks Duck and sweet potato and I feed him a cup in the morning and a cup at night! Is that too much? Also, should I switch flavor kibble so things won;t be so boring for him? Please give me advice! I want to spoil my baby! 🙂

How is his weight?…. and how is his body type...? Can really feed according to just doing X amount morning and night. For example, my girls get 1/4
cup 2x a day with a teaspoon of wet food and do quite well... a cup is a bit much, just as a FYI

As a general rule for adult dogs B-size for dry food: around 1% of their bodyweight per day.
For puppies a bit more.
Also depends on their activity, temperature and the like.
Just check how close you are to this, and see how the body responds.
We have found that a little food extra or less can make a difference.

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