New Basenji

I just recently bought a new basenji puppy named kya. She is 12 weeks old right now and has tons of energy. I have noticed that she obsesses over chicken and was wondering if anyone could give me recommendations on a nice, healthy chicken puppy food that a basenji female like kya would love Thanks for your help!

Hi Damons,
Have you thought about a raw diet? I personally use Science Diet because it doesn't cause my dog any acid reflux. I know a few of my friends have been switching to raw and this was a resource they used, Obviously a little more time consuming but they have said it's actually been a little cheaper than processed food when you find your ingredients on sale. Good luck and enjoy Kya! My Mya obsesses over deer meat!

What was the breeder feeding? If high quality food, they may have a chicken variety.

I don't feed puppy food ever. Perhaps with a toy breed, but most dogs do better on regular dog food. Any of the foods on Wholedog Journal are high quality. I personally swap between Wellness and Fromm, though I also have Honest Kitchen and feed a meal a week with it for variety. Most of them have chicken flavors.

I don't use puppy food either and have not on any of my litters. The pups eat what the adults eat.... and as noted, use high quality grain free foods.... there are always chicken/turkey ones... and for treats I make my own using a dehydrator... take chicken, pound thin, put in the dehydrator for 10 to 12 hours.... my Basenjis love it!

Blue buffalo makes a dry chicken and rice dog food.

I changed my pup's diet a year ago because he was a bit lethargic and after a small research I discovered that it may be caused by poor nutrition. The vet suggested to choose better quality food, high in proteins etc... So now I feed him natural complete Ivorycoat dog food and I can say that he is doing much better...Playful and cheerful all day long 🙂

I had never heard of it, seems it's only in Australia. Too bad they switched to tapioca.

Oh, tnx for the review, pretty useful text! To be honest, didn't know about that tapioca thing, but I still think it's a good option. Happy to see that the review confirmed the same 🙂

I'd never heard of it so thanks for bringing it up. We have a better chance for that than U.S. brands. (I'm in Israel.)

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