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Hi everyone! Mya is 12 years old and started leaking at night time while sleeping. When I say leaking, I mean full load urine release. I work shift work so she waits until I get home at 11pm to chug her water sometimes. In the past, she has been able to hold it through the night or wake me up to go outside and potty.

Vet put her on Proin. First day she vomited (as it wasn't with food). The next attempt about 2 weeks later (in which I am sure to give it with some food), she is now having some diarrhea. These are listed side effects, just wondering if anyone had tips or tricks with using Proin successfully while minimizing the side effects.

Thanks! ~Allison

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Aw welcome to Maryland!

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Hi everyone. My 10.5 year old recently started having a little bit of aggression at night. I was worried it could be the beginning to some night blindness with the retinal issues basenjis can have. My Vet advised today she has some shadowing in both eyes and gave me some info for an opthamologist. I leave a night light on for her but might add another one for where she sleeps. I'll also make sure friends and family know to not make sudden movements so she doesn't get scared.

Does anyone have any other helpful tips for comfort?
Does anyone have experience with this and how quick it progressed in your pup? Thank you!

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So glad to see this. My basenji also has this. She is 10.5 years old and I would say it started in the last year. Also has a little lightening of the nose.

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Mya is 10 and still going strong. Diagnosed with Fanconi around age 6 and was put on the protocol pretty quickly. I'm relieved to see there have been many long lasting Basenji lives here in the comments!

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Hi Damons,
Have you thought about a raw diet? I personally use Science Diet because it doesn't cause my dog any acid reflux. I know a few of my friends have been switching to raw and this was a resource they used, Obviously a little more time consuming but they have said it's actually been a little cheaper than processed food when you find your ingredients on sale. Good luck and enjoy Kya! My Mya obsesses over deer meat!

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