• First Basenji's

    Pardon me if this is old news… I never actually look at the packaging for Eukanuba because it's not a kibble we feed, and it's not even stocked at most of the pet stores that I frequent.

    I'm currently traveling in Taiwan and I was cruising some of the pet stores to get an idea of the cost of raising a dog here. I was surprised to see a Basenji on a package of Eukanuba, because I did not know the breed was featured on the packaging in the US or North America, and it's not a common breed around here. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a Basenji here at all (though I'm on the lookout this time)!

    Eukanuba Basenji packaging

    Sorry about the bad picture with the terrible glare. The picture of the Basenji isn't so great anyway. For starters, the one they've pictured does NOT have a typical Basenji figure! LOL. To say nothing of the Papillon on the right…

    Anyway, this small bag of Eukanuba (3kg) costs 800 NT, or approx. $27 US dollars! Ridiculous! Other premium brands like Orijen, Acana, Organix, etc. are available but even more astronomically priced. Dogs would be MUCH better off being fed raw/home prepared diets at this rate...

  • My daughter had a dog while she lived there. Hoki was a little guy from the street and she brought him back with her. I don't remember her mentioning that it really cost that much more than here in the States. I don't believe she fed a really high quality dog food though. She might have had it mailed in. If you are interested I can ask her. I love Taiwan. Hope you are seeing some wonderful things.

  • First Basenji's

    Kebasmom, that's really cool about your daughter and Hoki. 🙂 I know that if my partner and I had stayed here much longer, we would have ended up going that route, too. Our Shiba was purchased as a puppy in Taiwan, before we knew what the situation was like for street dogs here. But because of him, we became interested in animal welfare issues here and did a little volunteer work before we left and went back to the US when Bowdu was about a year and a half (and of course, he came along).

    I come back from time to time on research trips. I had not been back in 3 years, and I know that six years ago, there wasn't quite this variety of imported dog food. We knew nothing about raw or home-cooked at the time and fed Hill's Science Diet, which was deemed a "good" food and it still costs over $30USDfor a 7 kg bag. I've seen some locally made kibble that's about $7 or $8 for a 3kg bag, but the ingredients list is full of generic fats and only partial. The Taiwanese are just as concerned with unsafe Chinese food products (for humans too), so there doesn't seem to be much of that in the pet stores. Lots of stuff comes from New Zealand (beef), Japan, Thailand, Singapore too.

    Anyway, going off topic from the Basenji on a Eukanuba bag… but this is something I'm exploring just for sake of it. I'm having a great time indeed, but I miss my Bows. 🙂 So I hang out in parks and pet stores and become the creepy random strangers that begs to pet other people's dogs. laugh

  • Zest! once (well, more than once really) got in a bag of dogfood, but I don't think she was ever on a bag of dogfood.

  • Here in Belgium we have those bags for years now. Think they used all the dogs in the commercial for pictures to put on the bags.
    I'm working in a pet store for the moment, and we have a couple other products with picture of a basenji on it. If I think of it, I will take my camera with me to work next week.

  • When looking up the price, I found another couple eukanuba bags with basenji pics:

  • First Basenji's

    Well, Eukanuba likes Basenjis! Thanks for sharing!
    I can only think of one other dog food at the moment that uses a Basenji on the packaging – a refrigerated line called Vital, specifically the lamb and whitefish recipe.

    See here: http://freshpet.com/product/vitallambrecipe/

    Vital wins points for quality in my book, whether or not they have a Basenji on the package. 🙂 Eukanuba, not so much… but of course, I would grab the package and at least look it over if I see a Basenji on it! LOL!

  • First Basenji's

    That is so cool to see the packaging from other countries, and to have people on this forum from all over the globe!!! Curious that the orient would not use the Shiba Inu. Dogs 101 said they were very popular over there! The Basenji sure gets around!!!

  • First Basenji's

    Oh believe me, Shibas are on lots of packaging, too. Yes, they are VERY popular in Taiwan. I've been collecting pictures for a blog roundup. 😉

    Still haven't seen a Basenji, but I know they're in Japan. I would suspect that any in Taiwan (if there are any) would come mostly from Japanese stock. Still on the lookout…

  • I saw them here in chicago

  • The "too heavy" basenji on the Eukenuba bag looks like my basenji/sheltie/collie mix - the body shape for sure! Incidentally, the Freshpet is wonderful food, I mix a small slice of the beef, bison, cranberry blueberry in with Gemma's Nutro Lite at each meal - she has a sensitive stomach and used to vomit quite a lot, but has not in months!

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