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Hi to all any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated

I currently have a 6 yr old male Basenji who weighs 35 lbs. This was my girlfriends dog before we got together and she has informed me that he is overweight. The reason I am posting on this forum is because my girlfriend believes that if we feed him a half cup of food with 2 TBSPs of cottage cheese in the morning and a half cup with a carrot at night this should help to change that issue. I personally believe that it was probably the food we were feeding him at the time.

I have just recently switched to Akana and am wondering what others might suggest as far as feeding goes and what amounts to feed him ? Do people have a specific brand in mind? Money is not an issue and I am willing to buy him anything to get him to where he needs to be. I really do not like the idea of feeding him human food and it seems to be a constant argument between us. Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all in advance

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