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I am Samantha, coming from Marrickville, Australia, currently a full time mum to two, a boy and a girl. I love to discuss health, nutrition, parenting, pet topics and to exchange experiences with others, trying to learn from their "mistakes" as much as from my own ;)

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Oh, tnx for the review, pretty useful text! To be honest, didn't know about that tapioca thing, but I still think it's a good option. Happy to see that the review confirmed the same 🙂

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Thanks guys, here is my Jam ❤ Yes, my first one 🙂
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I changed my pup's diet a year ago because he was a bit lethargic and after a small research I discovered that it may be caused by poor nutrition. The vet suggested to choose better quality food, high in proteins etc... So now I feed him natural complete Ivorycoat dog food and I can say that he is doing much better...Playful and cheerful all day long 🙂

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Hi everyone, I am Samantha - a proud owner of one crazy Basenji called Jam 🙂

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