Basenji sleddogs

Just found this pic on a sleddog forum. Does someone knows who this is?

OMG that is too funny!!! I always joke about making Tucker a mushing dog because we sometimes run him with the quad and he still pulls.

THis is BRILLIANT!!! SEE that is what we should really be doing with our Bs. Mine pulls like a sled dog

Well there was a guy who ran the Iditarod 3 times with a team of poodles, so who will be the first one to do that with a team of Basenji's? Think you will get a lot of media attention. 🙂

First Basenji's

What?! This is crazy!
Do you have the original link for where this appeared?

It's gotta be a breeder from Finland or Sweden right ? Were the breed has presence in such weather ??…


What?! This is crazy!
Do you have the original link for where this appeared?

Found it somewhere on Sled Dog Central Forums, but can't find the topic back.
Been looking a bit further and also found it here, but no more info about it.

It's gotta be a breeder from Finland or Sweden right ? Were the breed has presence in such weather ??…

A lot of country's where you can have such weather. Looking at his cloths, guess it is a pic from 50-60 years ago.

What a great picture!!!!!

I had to steel is from the forum to show at our other forum, there are a lot of people totally crazy about sleddogs and training with their husky?s!

My husband thought this was hilarious. Schouiffy we should get our dogs together to practice!!!

I saw that years ago, tried to find out who they were, but the one I had was the color one. If you find out, let me know! There is another one with just 4 basenji but it was on my old computer and I didn't transfer it (accidentally).

FYI the image shack photo says:
qui a eu cette id?e stupide de changer des basenjis en chiens polaires…je trouve que cela manque de respect et de connaissance de la race
French - detected to English translation
who had this stupid idea to change huskies for Basenjis ... I find this lack of respect and knowledge of the breed


I think this is awesome…regardless of what the french guy said (wrote.)..;)

I love this picture and all the possibilities that it represents for our breed. It circulates on chat lists from time to time.
If my memory is any good, the owner / musher is Annie Davis, kennel name : "Here Comes Basenjis." Am/Can Ch.Marabasi's Belle of the Ball is the lead dog.
Annie lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Last December (2010), her mobile home burned to the ground. At that time she was not doing well physically and still had four Basenjis. That is the last news I can remember.

Thanks JoT! Going to see if I can find more with those names!

I joined after lurking for awhile just to give you guys this link!

Oh wow! I am so happy to learn it is a real, not doctored picture but sad about the owner. 😞


Yes, I glad to hear this is a true confimation of how diverse our breed truly is. 🙂

I've often thought that Basenjis would make good sled dogs - as long as any of them didn't spot a rabbit. I have seen this picture lots and often wondered who they were. Thanks for the info, Jo. I do hope that Annie Davis has now recovered

Thanks JoT and eeeefarm, I read all the messages on Facebook - and they confirm with JoT. Such a cool idea! 🙂

Great info! Found a few others who do some mushing with Basenji's also. One who uses a cart and 2 who do ski-joring.
I'm moving to Lapland (Swedish part) next month, so will check it out myself then. Going to work with sleddogs, so will try to let Voodoo run in a team and do some ski-joring with him. Think he gonna like that! 😃

Was looking for the picture and came upon this sad news about Annie Davis:

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