Nike p/u M. Vick again

I had to pass this on to a couple of friends who deal with other breeds. Sure I'll get some comments back negitive saying he's paid his dues.

I just sent my feelings to them as well, and I can easily boycott their products.

What is a puzzle to me is the dropped Tiger for dealing badly with adults, ie, his family.
They take this convict back into their group.
WHAT is with that???

If he ever showed REMORSE or understanding for his actions, I might be less sick every time I see him. But if you check out his interviews, testimony, etc, what he acknowledges is simply that society doesn't agree, not that what he did was monstrous, period.

Agreed. What is Nike thinking????


Look I'm not saying what he did was right cuz it's a horrible thing. But you obviously have only watched the interviews the media did at first. Vick is clearly not the same person he was and anyone who knows or knew him agrees, and he has since cut out the people in his life who were involved with that and other things he did, last year he did public speaking on his story to schools all over the country, for the whole year not because he was made but because he wanted to help with his cautionary story. Being caged like a dog can change ur perspective on things. And if Nike didn't do it the next guy would have

I am a football fan and Mike Vic had one of the best years of his career last year. I told all my friends I didn't want to hear it. Yea, the NFL takes back players who have been convicted of murder. blah, blah….He's been forgiven and he's great, blah, blah....

I acutally think he should be able to get another dog. A big one...with big teeth. it might actually be the best treated dog on the planet, he would be so in the public eye. I guess he has said his kids want one? I didn't know he had kids. If he does, I hope they are old enough to understand what their Dad did and to learn from it. Learn what NOT to do, who NOT to be.

I just don't understand hurting animals......I don't care what your excuse is, it's inexcusable! Totally messed up!

I got a ridiculous reply from Nike…. blah, blah, blah and then saying he has paid his debt to society. Definitely a canned response. Well, Nike isn't ever going to be on my list of stores to shop in.


Good thing Nike isn't a store then huh… It's a brand, and u obviously believe that your perfect and don't make mistakes because u have never done anything to be sorry for or be forgiven for. He went to FEDERAL prison, not time out in the corner. And if you all wanna be so ritious with tour pseudo Christian beliefs... Adultry (woods) is a specific law from god... Dog fighting even for money however is not

Just to be clear, nike is a brand but has it's own stores dedicated to the brand- commonly found in outlet malls and higher end plazas. Your information's incorrect and your comment was snide!


I stand corrected… Now until you have something remotely to do with the topic to state, go play post fact checker somewhere else. Because I was only implying that Nike could give 2 ****s about a boycott, that's like going up against coke...all the more reason for them not to care is because they know in 2012 the get the NFL jersey contract, so go about not buying tennis shoes, or cleats or shirts or socks from them but my guess is half the people saying that never bought it that much anyway.

You are the one playing " checker", you couldn't wait to call kipawa out on her comment about not shopping at Nike stores. Looks to me like you are the one who doesn't have anything relevant to say on the topic. If you would like to share your view on the subject then you are free to do so but that isn't what you are doing. Attacking others for not supporting nike is their right just as its yours to think its fine that vick is signed with nike. Lastly, I don't remember saying I am boycotting
any brand nor do I feel the need to share my opinion on the subject but if you wish to be ignorant on a " public" forum then be prepared to look like an idiot spouting off at the mouth. Because in case you aren't aware- that's exactly what you look like
P.s- I didn't need to check to see if Nike was a store just to prove you were wrong, its common knowledge.. I don't care enough to go researching the topic


I've made several posts about the topic(vick) where as you have not… And if you really want to get technical Nike is a brand, and they simply don't stop being a brand a become a store chain because they happen to have outlet malls, as for people boycotting if u didn't say it, well then that comment didn't apply to you so there is yet again no reason to run your mouth off. And your ignorance is blindingly obvious if you prove my point with your own words... You stated you don't wish to share your opinion on the matter of vick which you admitted to not caring about the subject or Nike.... THE TOPIC OF THE THREAD!!! therefore why post on it if u have no opinion or bearing in the matter. If who I made the comments to felt the need to comment back they would, they don't need you to speak for them, but you take it upon yourself to do so... Speak for you.... And you alone, so go post something on your Martha Stewart board instead

Are you kidding me? Seriously you have anger issues if you can't admit your post was snide and choose to voice your opinions in such a disrespectful manner. You are mad because you got called out on your " uncalled for" post and were wrong to boot. Period, end of story.

1. Posting "several" posts doesn't make you an expert or better than me, not sure why it even matters if you've posted about it and I haven't?
2. As I previously stated, Nike IS a brand, maybe you missed that in my post- "technically"
3. I said " commonly" in outlet malls! Their stores are everywhere!!
4. It's my blinding ignorance that you don't use better vernacular to articulate your views on a public forum AND don't know nike is a brand that has retail stores? Ok then, you got me!
5. I don't have to post my opinion about Vick or Nike in order to correct your mistake on this thread, it's a public forum and I can choose to respond to the OP or anyones sub post
6. I wasnt defending kipawa, I wad correcting you, which was all too worth while since you think you are a know or all purely based on the way you choose to respond to kipawas post about not shopping with nike
7. I'm 23 and have no interest in Martha Stuart, not even sure how that entered your head and made you think, " that's a good one" , it wasn't! I can appreciate humor that but that wasn't humorous


Good thing Nike isn't a store then huh… It's a brand, and u obviously believe that your perfect and don't make mistakes because u have never done anything to be sorry for or be forgiven for. He went to FEDERAL prison, not time out in the corner. And if you all wanna be so ritious with tour pseudo Christian beliefs... Adultry (woods) is a specific law from god... Dog fighting even for money however is not

You are welcome to have your own feelings on this matter, but this response was pretty out of line. No one on the thread indicated that they were perfect or didn't make mistakes, nor did they allude to any religious beliefs of any sort.

I doubt there are many people out there with spotless moral character for Nike to choose from, but I think it is fair to expect that on a forum about dog ownership, most members would be advocates of humane treatment of dogs.

Yes, I agree, this man did unspeakable things to the dogs in his care. He can be sorry, he can be forgiven, but I won't spend a dime on anything he is part of. I can't be queen of the world, but I can "vote" with my $$ and he will lose everytime.


1- didn't claim to be an expert, simply stated I post about the topic whilst you play forum police
2- agreed yes it is a brand… Good point
3-yes there are Nike outlet stores across the country thank you for your findings
4- vernacular and articulate are really good words... And probably the first two anyone who wants to boast about having a vocabulary would use to seem intellectual or to imply a high education, I don't care whose vocabulary is what, and I guarantee I could stand my own in that field. So I said a smart comment... And...
5-yes you may not have to but that's what it's supposed to be for... Weighing in on a topic... While u may use it for other purposes such as informing people of the percentage of one skittle color over another or whatever off subject things you find yourself writing
6- you weren't defending kipawa, well I'm sure she doesn't need you to defend her if she felt personally attacked, she has a voice, and more importantlySHE actually has an opinion on the subject being discussed. Let's see, you read a post, had no bearing or opinion on subject matter... Continued reading, made an inference that kipawa was being
attacked and took it upon your self to undermine part of my post that had little to do
with the overall post... Sounds kinda like defending to me, but doesn't matter. And then the shocker you had a problem with how I chose to respond... (Whoop) forum police stop voicing opinion now!
7- as for dear old Martha that was a tamed down comment, and mediocre at best I'll admit, but I found it would probably be uncouth to say something like, why does your b/f or husband allow you so much time out of the kitchen and bedroom to fritter away time in this manner, so I chose the Martha Stewart joke, so as not to offend others.
That is all
See you next Tuesday

Being forum police would imply that ive ever called someone out on their bs before, which ive never, you are an exception and your posts only reinforce my decision to have done so. Very classy choice of words to call some a " see you next Tuesday ( c.u.n.t)- you shouldn't be on this forum and I intend to voice that to the moderator. You clearly have no intentions of following forum rules therefore not adding anything of value to this forum. You couldn't own up to your nasty post and have decided to be vulgar to me bc I called you out on your mistake after reading a thread I've enjoyed following only for you to ruin with your bad attitude and dirty mouth. I'm done with this thread until the moderator contacts you or I!


It wasn't meant to be out of line it's just there seems to bee this holier than thou attitude toward this man, who has paid his price for his actions, and that's all I meant. "his" dogs were actually hardly his dogs at all, they were kept many states away when he lived in Atlanta, under others "care" or lack there of and fought, and yes it's his fault and yes he is to blame but, watch any video interview or public speaking he puts on at schools around the country, not forced, of his own free will, and you can easily tell it's not the
same man he was. And Im not a Nike supporter of any kind and don't like corporate greed in the least I'm just saying all the little jimmys and janes in the world not buying stuff cuz that won't matter. And stated the majority of peoples moral code in the us is Christian and it is specifically written as a major, your going to hell forever sin of adultry, in tiger woods case, as opposed to vick. Not saying it's logical or right it's just fact. And yes I to find it a horrible thing what he did, but believe he has changed

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