I'm torturing myself

so i made the mistake of looking at pets at the animal shelter near me. I found this little cutie http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=13018753

ALL the dogs at this shelter are euthanized after 10 days! 😞 Its only $50 to adopt it… I'm seriously considering going to rescue her and see if i can find a home for her, or at the VERY least I wonder if i could take her from here to the Humane society so that she at least has a CHANCE of being adopted. I imagine a little cutie like her would be scooped up quickly! I wonder if they would let me keep her at my place but list it on their site for adoption....

Anyone have experience with this? I would be concerned with the fact that there is NO history on her and I wouldn't want to expose my B's to anything. Are there vets that will give free exams to rescues like this?

There should be vets in your area that will do a free or very low cost exam.

We fostered pups for about a year and a half and none of our dogs got anything from any of them. No even a flea or kennel cough. Worst case scenario would be parvo but our dogs are all vaccinated.

I called around to some vets yesterday and NONE of them do low cost or free exams! I'm surprised! I also called the shelter and there have already been a few calls expressing interest in the little girl so hopefully she will be adopted. I will check again next week and if not, i'll probably pick her up myself….


Actually - I posted it on the Podengo group - lots of members in the area and looks like might be something from one of the hunt packs (or a golden GSD mix) Maybe one of them will bite.

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