What 'I' got for Christmas!

  • I've got an incredibly creative sister who must have been thinking "what in the world do I get Fran for Christmas". Well, THIS works!

    I particularly like the photo of family princess Beatrice (blue chow). She looks more than a little peeved that she has to model a basenji scarf. 🙂

    And notice the wrinkled up forehead!

  • Love the scarf! Yeah, Beatrice doesn't look amused, does she? 🙂

  • That is so cool… HAPPY new year

  • ROFLMAO, that chow's face is priceless. I bet your sister got the cold-butt for a while. (Chows are infamous for not looking at you and presenting you with their butt when they are displeased.) Very cute! Just don't let your little angel tear it up!

  • Very cute!

  • OMG that is adorable. Very very creative! Kudos to your sister. I am guessing she made it?

  • Fran, that's amazing, i love it, WANT ONE 😉
    Let me know if she's taking orders

  • That is just incredible! Your sister is very creative, and I know you will wear that scarf with pride and get lots of comments, even if Beatrice doesn't appreciate it. Hard to tell if that expression is disgust or trying to look very haute couture!

  • Fran, your sister made you the perfect gift! That really is adorable. I know a couple of knitters, maybe I'll show them the photos…and beg!

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