• I feel stongly that this guy should never be allowed to work in any venue that is supported by public funds.:mad:
    If you feel the same way, please sign the petition below.


  • Thanks for that link Sharron. I'm sending to all I know through my email.

  • Thank you. We need to get the word out.

  • I'm forwarding to all my pet sitting clients and friends.
    Vick is a criminal and doesn't deserve another chance.

  • I do so agree.
    He didn't give the dogs in his care any chance at all!

  • I am not quite sure why he can't go back to his job? He did his time. He should never be allowed to own a dog again, but he should be able to work. If you don't want to support the team, that is your choice, but trying to keep someone from supporting themself is really unfair. I do not agree, sympothize with what he did at all, but he went to jail, served his time. Murders of any kind have the option to go back to work after their jail time, why would he be any different?

  • I don't think he should be a roll model for kids, as many sport figures are. He isn't to be admired IMO.

    He is a felon.

    Why should he be able to go back to earning tons of bucks, when many of the animals in his care are still broken?

    Guess you are a better person than I am. I think are some crimes that the public shouldn't forgive.

  • Let him earn his money the hard way. No big money maybe he can hurt and have some pain. Serving time is not enough he got three meals a day what pain is there to that. Earns big money he will more then likely just do it again.

    Rita Jean

  • Rita Jean, you and I are on the same page.
    This guy earns more $$ in one year, when he was playing than most of us earn in a lifetime.
    If he was a good person, then fine, he has the talent, but he used this talent to harm critters. Again, something should never be rewarded.
    The cost of making him an admired figure again will show some kid that jail would just be the price of doing dog fighting, IF you get caught..
    but hey, you get out and go back to the big $$$ so whats the big deal??

  • In my eyes he is now trash and we all know were trash belongs.

    Rita Jean

  • Yes, he has done his time. It does not matter that I do not think the amount of time was sufficient, he did what the court system sentenced him to.

    HOWEVER, I think it only fair that companies (be it the NFL, CBS, Pepsi, Reebock, . . .) know that if they endorse him (or any animal abuser), I will no longer be sending any money in their direction. That's fair. If he gets work at Target as a bagger making minumum wage, I'll shop there; if Target decided to spend millions of dollars on him as a spokesperson, I'll find somewhere else to shop. I am not going to spend my hard earned dollars on any company that decides to glorify him.

  • Yes he did what the court ordered for someone special if I or you had done the same we would still be in jail. Do you think that NFL, CBS, Target who ever really cares about the fact that we no longer shop there or send money there way. In a way they are just as bad.

    Any way enough said once again to each there own and that's what makes all of us special just like our Basenjis.

    Rita Jean

  • He will be judged when the time comes and it wont matter what any of us thinks or feels about him or his actions. What goes around comes around and though we might not be there to witness, you can be sure he will be judged. In the mean time, put our time and energy into things that can make a difference in the life of an animal. Volunteer, adopt, donate, etc. Stopping this man from playing football probably isnt going to happen. He has a gift that will probably be used by a team that is willing to give him the chance. Whether he deserves a second chance or not. God has a plan for him and Maybe he can redeem himself. I guess that is part of life….. can you make the most of a second chance and make the world a better place for all.
    My husband suffers from a rare form of cancer, and I am in remission from stage 3 breast cancer. I guess I can look at life a little different being thru so much the last 7 years of cancer. God bless.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I don't think he should be a roll model for kids, as many sport figures are. He isn't to be admired IMO.

    He is a felon.

    Why should he be able to go back to earning tons of bucks, when many of the animals in his care are still broken?

    Guess you are a better person than I am. I think are some crimes that the public shouldn't forgive.

    He definately should not be a role model, however, I don't think most sports figures should be.

    He is a felon and a disgusting person. I am of the opinion there is a very easy way to end the prison overpopulation problem via a bucket of water. So I have no tolerance for people who harm others for any reason other than self defense. And you don't have to forgive him at all. Agilebasenji made a good point to refuse to patronize the companies that support him. I think by spending so much time focusing on stopping his career, you are giving him too much of your time and attention. He deserves neither.

  • Since, what is it, about 35 of the 43?, or so teams have refused to have anything to do with him, I think people are using their own judgement-to the good. He will never be what he was, or what he could be, to people or youngsters as this will always come back on him. I'm with Jennifer-lots of these 'sports figures' have issues, drugs, money laundering, obsession, etc. They just don't get caught, he did. Just MO

  • Let's face it…didn't we all know that when he was caught and went to prison that when he got out he would play professional football again. That is the way professional sports is - it isn't about the character of the players, it is about their skill level at their sport. All the petitions in the world, don't amount to anything when it comes to winning and the $$$$$.

    I agree with Agile, the best way to show displeasure is to speak with the almighty buck...as this is what it is all about to the NFL, NBA, etc., etc. And I also agree with whoever said that sports and entertainment people are not what parents should be holding up as role models for children...and IMHO, that is the parents job.

    The latest this week is that there are 5 teams that are really interested in him - and that he may already be signed...he will be signed before training camp is over (potentially by the end of the week). Skill wise/salary wise - I think he'll be the same as he was before he got involved with dogfighting. Where his income cut will come will be his problem getting endorsements.

    He was in Chicago this week speaking at an HSUS luncheon about the tragedy of dogfighting - and the Humane Society says that he is required to speak against it for years to come (including public service announcements). If there is anything good that may come of all of this, maybe that is it. Let's face it, dogfighting (and its ramification) has a much higher profile because of this.

  • IMHO…Believing that someday, some way, he'll get what he gave. I have to...otherwise I'd spend my energy on him (talking, ranting, signing petitions*) and that's exactly what he (and his publicist) wants. I hope that he learned his lesson and that others will not follow in his footsteps.


  • CNN announced last night he signed for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  • This on CNN:
    The Humane Society of the United States has said Vick offered to work with the organization on anti-dog fighting campaigns. Wayne Pacelle, the organization's president, has said Vick was to work on programs aimed at preventing youths from getting involved in dog fighting and on programs to assist youths who have been involved.
    We'll see how much work he does on this. I want to see his actions.

  • I can't believe Vick would have offered to work for any Humane Society had it not been court ordered.

    I wish there was a stipulation in his court orders or his NFL contract that made him pay the HSofA a BIG chunk of his football salary for someone reputable and truly compassionate to do an anti-dog fighting campaign.

    He may have been in Chicago "doing his time" for parole, but this is what one radio station said…."Sure, sure, let him play in the NFL. Just give him the same treatment he gave his dogs. First time he loses....shoot him!!"

    The man is a turd floating in the human gene pool. Where's Darwin when you need him?

    Sorry if I offended anyone other than Vick. I HATE abusers.

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