Vicks dogs find happiness

And absolutely well written article, hooray for the Pitties!!! Everyone can read this, no disturbing pictures or words.

Really great article! Thanks for posting the link. 🙂

I love the pits and bully breeds.
Totally wonderful dogs who sometimes fall into hands of monsters.
I am happy to share a good new story of this breed.

Sharon…I hear you. I have a friend w/two pits (Duke & Amadeus) and they might lick you to death...wonderful dogs! Granted, Amadeus is a bit more "hard wired" than Duke and is therefore more of a handful (but not in a dangerous way, just more intense), but then again, so is my b Ruby :).

One thing I really liked about that story you linked to was what pits roles were before they became the "thug" dog.

I saw this while actually reading the paper the other day. Sure made me happy!

Then today there was another article in the Washington Post about how Vick is trying to file bankruptcy from prison saying he owes millions of dollars to creditors. :mad:

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