Lost Dog Gathers Clues to Find its Family

That was sent to me yesterday. What a story and what a dog. Talk about love there it is. My daughter and I both cried but at least there was such a Happy ending.

Rita Jean


Ok, so I am in a very sappy place right now, but regardless, this story made me cry..such a sad story with a bittersweet happy ending..At least they found their dog again..or should I said at least the dog found his family again..thanks for sharing Dan.

What a great story - part of me hopes all our basenjis would be so loyal but another part says I never want to find out.

Nice to hear a story with a happy ending, lets hope the family can be properly reunited very soon

What a survivor. I'm sad for the family's loss, and I hope Ella can soon live with her family. Until then, she is in good hands in TN. In the past, I've had contact with the Kathy Wilkes-Myers and she is such dedicated and good-hearted person.

Amazing story, what a loyal, sad dog to gather the belongings and sleep with them. And an incredible job of detective work to find the family. Thanks for sharing this touching tale.

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