• Has anybody watched the AP show "Who gets the dog?" That just tears my heart out for the families that don't get the dog.

  • Never seen it. Is it a reality show?

  • I've seen it…I had to stop watching cuz it was just too sad 😞

  • It seems a little mean to me…. I can't watch it.

  • I saw this show for the first time last night. I didn't think it was sad, because the nice doggy gets adopted into a home where the people have been evaluated and dog is placed with people who are best suited for the individual dog. It's like a reality game and they all know only one home gets the dog. The people know they might not get that dog. But I'm glad that the people who don't win on the show, will probably adopt and rescue another well deserving dog. Just my take . . . but I only saw the one show.

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