• Just seen this N.D. Woman's 7-foot-Long dog.
    3 year old Landseer Newfoundland and 180 lbs.
    3 feet tall @ shoulders and 7 feet long.

    Think of all the fun all of us could have if our B's got that big LOL…..

    Rita Jean

  • "Down"! I said, OK gooooood dog"

    "I'd let you steer Rover but you get slobber all over the steering wheel".

  • Houston

    Well if I wanted a horse, I'd buy a horse…no I am kidding, very pretty dog, but the slobber coming out of their mouths is enough to drown Otis..no thanks.

  • There was a Saint Bernard that came to our park a few times. I swear that dog had gallons of slobber and of course he'd come right up to me for petting. Damn! I knew I should have brought my rubber dish washing gloves.

  • Our newspaper had a photo of this dog drinking out of the kitchen sink, with all 4 feet on the ground. Talk about a counter-surfer! Too much fur for me!

  • That is one I seen at kitchen sink. Counter surfer and everything else. Funny cause my niece is getting her husband a newfoundland for Christmas present she better pray it don't get this big.

    Rita Jean

  • Thanks for sharing. It gave me a big sigh moment. My folks bred newfies for a brief time on the farm when I was a kid. They're soooo loveable, but all that hair:eek: is a complete disaster after a day in the hay fields or in the barns.

  • You'd have to use an actual rake from Home Depot to manage that hair. "Hey Mom have you seen the dog's comb"? Yes, your Father's using it to rake the leaves". Wouldn't be cheap to feed em either. 16lb bag last you 3 days.

  • And just think of the poop piles 😃

  • @wizard:

    And just think of the poop piles 😃

    "Honey, where did you park the backhoe"? "I need to clean up after the dog".

    There's a very large dog that comes to the dog park, not so much fur as this one and Buddy just loves that dog. He gets underneath the dogs head, tail wagging a mile a minute. We all just watch. I've never seen a Basenji wag its tail that fast.

  • I could not imagine a Basenji that large. WAAAAAAAYYYY too much dog for the energy level of a B. We wouldn't be walking our dogs, we'd be saddling them up and rodeoing them! Whoever makes 8 seconds wins… YYYEEEEEEEHHAAAAWW!!!!

    Seriously, though, that is a gorgeous Newfie. Thank goodness they are generally a good-natured animal.

  • I like your style about saddling up and lets go better learn were shut down button is first.

    Rita Jean

  • Ms. Rita Jean:

    I have yet to locate the off switch on any Basenji and I've been around them since I was a baby. When you find it, you will let us all know, right?

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