• My husband found a park with 53 acres off leash fenced. Park is a total 1,236 acres of things to see and do. Crazy not very far from us but it is what we call other side of the world nothing really there. Now I know why there is a park.

    Can hardly wait to go but will have too wait at least two more weeks as our little girl has been in season. Be safe first and fun second.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Sounds like a lot of fun..Let us know who is was, once you go. We went to one of our dogparks yesterday, but Otis didn't really care too much for it, too many really large, in yor face dogs for him to feel comfortable, so we stayed for about 30 minutes, then we went for a walk instead..he truly enjoys his walks.

  • My pack loves the dog parks, there no better place, They run like the wind and no other dog can catch them, yet.

    Belle loves her freedom from the leash, Shango & Ra are learning how to run with her.l
    It is pure joy for me to see these little guys growing and healing and enjoying being a basenji dog…..

    There uncle (my oldest son) brought buy some wonderful bones from a company luncheon, what a treat, sparkle teeth.

    We're going to Bear Creek in a few hours for there Sunday ritual....will get pics if I can since The boys are officaly my forever dogs......yeah.

  • Houston

    Cynthia, congrats on the adoption, great news.
    Enjoy the visit to Bearpark..

  • Rita Jean, where did you find the dog park? If it is close enough, we might try it. We would Love to see our two B's run without their leashes… 🙂 We live in Kansas, north of Topeka. Thanks!

  • Some dog parks are great…and some are dangerous, because the owners don't tend their dogs.. I hope you have a good once close to you.
    At least, its big enough for you to go off by yourself and run your dogs..
    Let us know how it goes.

  • Wow 53 acres of fenced dogpark sounds amazing! The biggest we have been to is in Jacksonville, FL, and is about 25 acres. It seems huge, with ponds, a wooded area with trails, big open fields for ball tossing. I hope you have a wonderful time!

    Some dogparks are wonderful, some downright dangerous. Depends on the people as well as the dogs. It can vary by time of day, a rough crowd may come in the mornings, and a more mellow crowd in the evenings, or on weekends.

    We are so lucky to have several small ones near us, and one "big" 6 acre park where we meet the basenji gang on Sundays. We had 14 basenjis today, 17 last Sunday, and it was fun for everyone. I have seen bad things happen, thankfully not often, you have to really pay attention not only to yours but to other people as well. And if you ever get a bad feeling….LEAVE ASAP !

    Overall I am a big fan of dogparks, though mine mainly lie around and don't participate in too much of the running and chasing, with the exception of Eddie and squirrels!

  • I agree, MacPack - you do need to be careful - some parks are great, some not so much. My dog loves the basenji park on Sundays as well, and it always feels safe there. I'm sure Eddie will catch one of those squirrels some Sunday - he has excellent focus!

  • jonny b. It is the Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee, Kansas. I can hardly wait to go but with Jaycee in season we have to wait. Look it up on internet under Shawnee Mission Park see what all is there.

    I am not going to turn Jaycee loose not to soon we have to watch her and dogs and people there. We will asap if anything looks or even feels wrong to me I do not want the baby hurt in any way. When we get to go will post info and what all happend.

    Rita Jean

  • that sounds cool. my brother lives in shawnee.. he has a 9mo. old basenji…. i will have to check that out. i would love to see these boys run... 🙂 but will check it out carefully first. thanks!

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