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    If anyone wants to join me in writing or calling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to let him know how repulsive the NFL is for letting Michael Vick back on a football field after clearly supporting a gambling operation (which is an NFL violation) while murdering dogs, here are the email and phone numbers… RogerGoodell2@ nfl.net is the email I found for him, and his phone listing is 1-212-450-2027. The NFL Public Relations line is 1-212-450-2000.

    If anyone else would like to share their thoughts on Philadelphia signing Vick, here's an email address:
    http://www.philadel phiaeagles. com/fanzone/ ContactUs. asp



  • I emailed the commissioner and the Eagles to express my displeasure with their signing of Vick. On the positive side, Dick's Sporting Goods is refusing to carry Mike Vick jerseys in their stores. I would also take time to send Dick's an e-mail to thank them for putting morals above profits!!

  • Thank you and I hope more people save there money and never buy anything of his. Take the money and put it towards homeless dogs.

    Rita Jean

  • I would buy Vick's remorseful statements if he was donating most of his salary to the animals…but as far as I know, he isn't doing anything but talking.

  • He is paying for all of the rehabilitation of the dogs he had at his kennel that are still alive. I believe I read recently in SI that he had spent over $1 million prior to his being released from prison. He is required by law to pay all the rehab costs.

  • I know we are to forgive and go on paid his time all that stuff. Would have been nice if he would have had to give up two or three years pay to homeless animals and go out and help when they close puppy mills maybe hands on lesson. I do not care what breed it is dog or cat even birds they all have hearts he must have been sitting on his heart. Time will tell the truth.

    Rita Jean

  • Rita Jean, your right. He might have learned his lesson, OR he might just consider sitting in jail and the fines the "cost" of doing dog fighting business. I believe drug dealers think that way.

  • Some people think if you throw money at something it will make it alright, I hope they boo him off! He's a bad sort to do that in the first place.

  • We can only hope that they throw money his way and he just goes down hill. You never know when he's out there playing he might have someone that just goes right on after him. Now that would just be awful (NOT).

    Rita Jean

  • The only good thing about the whole mess is that it brought a lot of national attention to dog fighting and it's horrors. And some very good publicity about his "fighting dogs" being rehabilitated to be good pets. Time will tell if he really works with HSUS or SPCA to stop dog fighting, or if it is just an act to get back in the game.

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