Shameless Butu Boasting…

My little boy won his first Red rosette today! "Dog the Judge would Most Like to Take Home". I offered to wrap him {/SBB} 😉

How cool is that… gggg

What a lovely 'class' to win!

Awww. But where are the pics!!!!?????

Sorry Debra, I was on my own, and it was pouring (all day!) Not very conducive to pics 😞

Brilliant, congratulations.

That's really saying something! 🙂 Nice judge!


ahh congrats, what a great category..

Congratulations 🙂

what a neat ribbon to win!

Congratulations on Butu's win. If only the judge knew….!

Obviously the judge dont know much about basenjis destruction and whats that ripped sound that Maca are making???

What a wonderful category! Congrats to you!

Congratulations! It must be the best feeling ever to know the Judge loved your dog enough to want to take him home. Question: Does the Judge know what basenjis at home are like?!?

Obviously the judge had No Idea! Last week Butu won his Second Red Rosette - this time for Best Condition. He now has 11 rosettes - 2 of them Red. Proud Beam!:)

Well done to Butu again and to you for keeping ihim in 'Best Condition'.

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