Year end review: Shameless brags

  • The ASFA coursing Top 20 list was finally finalized, and so I wanted to recap our past year & brag a little on my girls.
    Callie & Lola both finished their ASFA Field Champions (FCh) early last year. Callie went on to finish her AKC Field Champion (FC), earn an ASFA Best in Field & Best in Event as well as an AKC Best in Field. She won a perpetual trophy that will have her name engraved on it. Callie only coursed for 3 months of this year, and managed to end the year in a three way tie for 11th place in ASFA, out of 150 dogs! Callie also earned her Temperament Title (TT) this year, as well as 6 points toward her conformation Championship (C).
    Lola is not quite as speedy as other basenjis, but she still loves coursing. She had two very notable accomplishments in coursing this year that caught me completely by surprise because she is considered the "points fodder" dog. First, she earned 2nd place in a stake of 4 basenjis and got her first AKC coursing point ever in June. Second, she was the last dog standing at the end of the weekend of a small trial, and earned the Best in Event trophy by default. Lola is the last dog on earth I would ever expect to earn a trophy of any sort, and I was so proud of her.
    Most importantly, they continued to please me every day with their good health and personalities. I hope we have many more years of fun, happiness & health together!

  • Huge congratulations! WTG! You have every right to brag!

  • With those results I would be bragging too! Congratulations on a very successful year and wishing you wonderful accomplishments this year!

  • Congratulations!! What a great year! Definitely something to brag about!

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