• The BRAT convention was wonderful this year. Peggy and Corin were such great puppies. They were sociable and loved everyone.
    Peggy let herself be passed around as so many people just wanted to hold her.
    At the fun contests after the picnic, Peggy won "Most Wrinkles" and Corin won "Youngest Dog Attending" and "Best Tail Wagger"

    I am so proud of them!


  • They both represent the breed very well.
    Congratulation, Nicole! They were awesome.

  • How fun! I am so envious of all of you. Did you get to see the Wimauma pack and Pam?

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    How fun! I am so envious of all of you. Did you get to see the Wimauma pack and Pam?

    Yep, we got to see them. The Wimauma update talk they gave was great.

  • JEALOUS! I am glad you had a great time and that the convention was a success, but I sure wish I could have been there!

  • Houston

    How much fun…did you take any pictures?

  • I would love to have been there to see them. I hope those attending realise how privileged they are!

    Cuddles to Peggy and Corin from me.

  • I wish I could have gone but I have 2 ill Bs at home.


  • Jennifer, what is wrong with your Bs?

  • My one girl has Fanconi, gallbladder problems and possibly Cushings which she will be tested for. She was also just recovering from a UTI. My one boy has had lung/breathing problems with coughing off and on and heavy breathing/panting when it is hot. The coughing is odd because originally it was almost always in the evening and overnight. I never knew when it would stop and start up again. He started coughing in the morning last week for only two days and then the next day had funny breathing sounds and then it stopped. I took him to the vet this past Monday for a chest x-ray. His chest x-rays have been abnormal but this one was better. He has been tested for fungal issues and had a trach wash and all have been negative. I originally thought it was due to all the rain my area had this spring and the back yard having standing water at times. He is back on the Benadryl along with supplements. It was so hot that I did not want to take the dogs to Chicago but someone told me the temperature cooled off right when the convention started.

    I did find out the house behind me had radon mitigation. It had been for sale and someone finally bought it. I thought it was still for sale and I drove by and saw the sign about the radon company. I have found very little information on dogs and radon.


  • Jennifer I find a lot but all seems to be quoting one major study showing 21 percent of lab dogs exposed developed tumors

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