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  • Too funny. I'm sure the water stopped her in her tracks. 😃

  • Just keep a spray bottle near by and 1 shot from across the room even stops them.

  • Houston

    too funny..I will keep that in mind

  • we have to go outside and run around the yard. if they get to rough, or if it is raining, they go to time out (seats on the couch)if they dont quit. or to the kennel. they are so funny, they know when they are going to get the look. 🙂

  • I had to smile at that Vicki, we recently had a 6 month old b visit for almost 3 weeks and she ran my lot ragged, she didn't know when to stop, but they loved her!

    She also had a bit of time out to calm down.

  • I love it Jaycee had the spray bottle after her more than once. Water makes them stop in there tracks.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    See, Otis hates water, but if it comes from a spray bottle because I am breaking the law..like counter surfig, stealing food of the table and such..you can soak me mom, I don't care..

  • I'm going out to buy a little spray bottle immediately!

  • Spray bottle has been a godsend for us! Bassit stops dead, horrified, gives me a FILTHY look and stalks away. (But it does stop her from chewing on the other dog!)

  • Mine thinks it's fun and races around the room challenging me to try and get him again.

  • In my house….water spray bottle=instant behavior compliance. I would have never survived my bitch;), Katie, without it.

  • Just the sight of the squirt bottle stops whatever bad behavior is in progress for Magnum.

  • sounds like we all need spray bottles!! lol!

  • I am adding a spray bottle on my to-do list for this weekend.

    I have a 1 1/2 year old male rescue who came from a home with 2 big dogs. My 6 1/2 year old female is not too happy with his method of play. There have been a couple of fights.

    It is getting better but the spray bottle is a GREAT idea!

  • Better buy more than one really nice to have several in different rooms. I think we have about five now just in case.

    Rita Jean

  • My spray bottle worked wonders. I haven't had to use it in years but even the inadvertent sight of it makes my two behave like angels. My vet even took my advice and uses it in her mobile vet clinic. She says it's the best, cheap investment she ever made.

  • I tried a spray bottle to keep my Riley from trying to chew up his Bulldog older sister and I guess it's the lab in him, he adjusts to the water and after a little while and a few sprays, he couldn't care less

  • We only use a spray bottle for too much 'digging' on the couch, Topper is the only one who occasionally gets overly enthusiastic. If I can't reach the bottle, I make a "phsst" sound, like a spray, and he will stop, turn and look at me. Rarely he will notice that I don't have the bottle and go back to digging, but just the sound of the bottle usually stops the behavior.

    Of course, now that he is going deaf, I amy have to buy more bottles again!

  • Oh yes, the spray bottle - a must have for all basenji owners. Use it sparingly and they will learn to run at the sight of it.

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