• Okay so Luny has been doing well alone in the house (except for peeing on and then tearing up the newspapers I leave on the floor by the door) while I go to work. After an inital anxiety attack (fewer and fewer howlings), I figured he just went to sleep in one of several doggie beds. However, I've suspected that he was sleeping in my bed while I was gone these past couple of days. He has never shown any inclination to get on the bed while I'm home - he's always headed right for his doggy bed which is by the heating vent. But I thought I could see paw prints in the bed covers.

    This morning confirmed it - after letting him back into the house after peeing, I was doing my morning ablutions in the bathroom. When I then walked into the bedroom, there he was snuggled between my pillows ;). You should have seen the look on his face when he realized that he was caught :D. He tolerated my teasing him and then went and curled up in his doggie bed. The little sneak :p.

  • Hehe. Good to hear he's doing ok being out during the day.

    I let my B sleep on my bed at night. He always likes to shove his head underneath my pillow, usually in the morning to wake me up.

  • hahaha what a naughty boy!!

    Every morning when we're woken up, the dogs allowed to lie a few hours with us in bed…
    No place left with all three of them in bed... hahahaahah

    Buana also sneaks in bed during the day, is nice and warm huh!

  • My Bella has learned if there is a sleeping human at home when the other humans get ready to leave… she jumps into bed with the sleeper so she thinks she won't have to go to her crate! Most of the time she is successful, we just close the door to that bedroom with her watching from the bed giving us this na,na,na,boo,boo look!!! I swear she is so smart.:eek:

  • Ha, ha, at least he cares if you catch him. :D:D
    In my case it is Ruby's world and I'm living in it :rolleyes:.

    Oh, and regarding the foot prints on your bed as the give away…
    If Ruby has been on my bed, not too hard to tell. She pulls the covers down in the center of the bed (ever so neatly I might add because she wouldn't want to be uncomfortable from messy covers) then she can lie against the pillows and get the warmth of the covers. She just needs to learn to put the covers back in place when she is done. Crazy kids!

  • Lola & Booger both sleep with me at night, usually under the covers & curled up against me. When I sleep in late (after the sun), they will get up when I do & be ready for the day. When I wake up early (before the sun), the routine is get up, feed them, take them out, come in & take a shower. Their routine on early mornings is eat, go out, curl up in the warm spot & go back to sleep. I step out of the shower to see them both curled up asleep in the warm spot, while I'm groggy & cranky (NOT a morning person AT ALL!!!) I can't begrudge them because they look so sweet curled up together & I know they aren't doing it to be spiteful. They always open their eyes halfway & give me a look that says, "You're the greatest mom ever. Thanks for the warm spot!" Lola goes in the crate for the day because she's always up to no good, but Booger roams free. I know he sleeps on the bed most of the day because we often come home & find his nest (I never make the bed!) & warm spot.

  • My 3 all sleep with me, snuggled under the covers. I don't make the bed either, as it will all be in a big swirly-knot when I get home from the many naps during the day!

  • I don't mind if he sleeps on the bed but he never expressed any interest in climbing up there when I was around - whether at night or during the day. It was only when I left the house.
    But the look on his face when I caught him on the bed was so previous. His eyes were so big - "oh oh I goofed big time" - and then he climbed down and went into his doggie bed.
    Like that TV commercial where the little dog hops off the bed when he hears his people come in the door.

  • @Andrew:

    When I sleep in late (after the sun), they will get up when I do & be ready for the day.

    I'm jealous. My B will simply not sleep in. Even if I take him out late the night before (12am-1am). He still gets up around 7am and wants to start the day. Even on a Sat/Sun morning. He will do whatever he can to get me up. Usually involves shoving his head under my pillow or throwing his paws in my face. That last part always works since it's hard to go back to sleep after getting scratched in the face by a dog. I can't blame him though. He sleeps so sound throughout the night he's probably well rested and not wanting to sleep anymore.

  • Kona has my husband wrapped around her little paw. He started letting her come lay in bed with us on the weekends because she would go back to sleep which meant we could sleep in. Then one night she never made it to her crate - DH says he just forgot 😉 Now she has started sleeping with us about every other night because "she is too cute and peaceful looking to move." The funniest part is when we get up she just looks at us like what the heck are you people doing? come back to bed. and then cuddles underneath her blanket. She is too sweet!

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