• Going to see the breeder on Saturday to see the puppies for the first time!!! End of excited brag 😃

  • WOHOOO, hope you get pics! 🙂

  • Very exciting!

  • Houston

    Very exciting..yes take pics…

  • Yes, of course we all want pictures! Are you getting your choice of pup, or will the breeder make a selection for you? Oh how I know what you must be feeling now!

  • How exciting, bet you can't wait 🙂

  • My fingers are crossed for you. It is all so exciting.

  • I am over the moon that the time has come for me to see them in person! The most important thing for me is temperment and I don't think I will be able to judge for myself who is the best puppy for me so I am leaving it up to the breeder- I am sure she will probably give me my choice if there are two or three that fit my life… I am going to bring my camera in hopes she will let me take pictures...... If so then Saturday you all will get lots of 6 week old pups running a muck!

  • Have a great time meeting them. And I agree with temperament being so important. You can have the best looking dog in the world, but if he/she is a hellion….

    Hope to see pictures of them on here soon, with breeder's approval.

  • ooh Im so jealous of you haha 😃
    I hope you can take pics and show us later. To which kennel are you going? 🙂

  • Baibee- It is Eldorado's Kennel in MA

  • TOMORROW'S the day!!! I get to go see the puppies, I am beyond excited, although I must admit a little secret…My breeder did tell me not to get attached to any one puppy but they had one red and white female that has captured my heart! If she is show quality then she will be exported and secretly I am hoping she isn't because I want her... how bad is that? I will be over the moon with whichever puppy- but I am sure many of you know that feeling!

  • It's not bad at all 🙂
    Herrman was booked when I first saw him but they changed their minds so I got him so anything can happend.
    I wish you luck 🙂

    Now I almost get nervous for you hahah 😃

  • How exciting!! I also wanted Tillo from the pics.. but he was supposed to stay close to the breeder's home.. :eek: A 14 hour drive and three borders between our countries isn't really 'close'… I'm glad the breeder changed her mind and Tillo was allowed to come to the Netherlands! 😃

    I have my fingers crossed that this special girl will become your baby 🙂

  • I hope you are able to get the puppy you've set your heart on.

  • Thanks everyone- I have just fallen for her, she looks to have such a personality from her pictures and the way she seems to be laying into the other puppies from week to week has me smitten…all I know is I will be beyond crazy with whichever one, I trust my breeder but lord, I am a sucker for red and whites- and she tops my cake!! Hopefully I will post pics tomorrow

  • One hour to go!!!! LOL- I'm heading out in awhile to go see them- I only live a few miles away so it only takes me ten minutes to get there but we had some snow so I have to go wipe down the car…. I'll check in when I get home!

  • I hope you have a great time!

  • Just got home and had a GREAT TIME!!! Both litters were out for me to play with and they were adorable beyond belief and full of curiosity… looks like the red and white girl is going to be exported but I know that my second B next year will be a red and white, so I will live. Good news is that one of the two black and white boys took a real liking to me, wanting to be in my lap and being loved by me...even gave me lots of kisses, and the great thing is that he had a great medium level energy and the temperment I wanted! He will be 6 weeks on Tuesday so I am hoping his personality stays the same....and since it was obvious he liked me to the breeder maybe he will be my baby...There were also the two brindles that I like as well, o hell- I want them all (LOL). Sorry guys, I was too busy playing and talking that I didn't take any pictures but I go back in two weeks to see them again, I think that visit will be when I will find out who is mine, so pics then and then another couple weeks and he/she will be home with me!!!! WHOO HOO, such a great day

    Oh, p.s.- I was correct, the little red and white girl has the BIGGEST personality, she was the last to konk out from playing and jumped into the pigpile of sleeping puppies to bite them and tell them she wasn't tired! But she has the face of an angel so she can get away with it

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