A bit of bragging about the boys

  • Since we had the Basenji meeting with Janneke (and mirtillo) and Walter (from Bendji) Buana has changed… 🙂

    He is three years old now, he never was friendly to other dogs.
    He growled and even snapped when the other dog was growling back.

    Since we had the meeting, he seems changed in suc a nice way!
    Buana hasn't growled at one dog, we let him on a loose leash and he will go to the dog, smell a bit and even sometimes play! (all that on the leash!)

    Last week, I walked the dogs with my mom, my mom had Chafuko and I had Hailey (she was at the end of her period) and Buana, there came a dog (black lab, competely male) on a short leash and I thought... oooo no...
    Was to late to keep Buana away, he smelled and both were so calm and easy and after a few minuts we walked on... I was so proud on my boy...

    I think he made more than 10 friends now.. and the nicest thing : he can walk off the leash!!! Together with Chafuko!!!!
    When there are no cars in the area, we let them run free. When they walk too far, we call "wait a second" and they will stay still untill we say " freeeee"

    Also Chafuko is back as normal again, when Hailey was in her period, he was not nice to other dogs...
    I'm happy he is as sweet as always... 😃

    They're both sooooo sweet.. I love them!!!!

    And Hailey, she act like shes a very angry dog to other dogs... but when they stay coming closer, she's going to stay behind us hahahahahahaha

  • That is wonderful that Buana is friendly now. He just needed to see that other dogs are PLAYMATES, not enemies! Congratulations!

  • Good news - and I'm sure you're happy too.

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