• AJ is staying with my daughter Hilary temporarily until I get back to the area and get my new truck. Yeah, a few things have been going on. I'm finally tired of fighting the losing battle of running a truck that doesn't want to and trying to make a living doing it. So, I'm changing companies. I've already tried changing trucks, but apparently, since I hold a steering wheel and happen to be equipped with indoor plumbing, I can't possibly know anything about what's going on under the hood of a diesel truck.

    I give up.

    I will be starting with a new/old company as soon as I get back to the main terminal, which happens to be next door to the town my daughter is living in. It made sense to leave AJ with her for that reason and because he loves her.

    In the two years I've had him, he has yodeled maybe a dozen times outside of the times I've teased him with recorded Basenji sounding off on the computer. He was with Hilary less than two days and I got a text from her he was yodeling at the TV and carrying on. She says she fell off the couch laughing because she had never seen that before. "Cutest thing ever" she says. Today, she sends a pic of him snuggled up on her bed wadded up in a bunch of blankets. And I know he gets to sleep in the bed with her. I requested she not spoil my dog, but I know it's already too late….(brat) 😃

    I know he's having a blast with her and she's great with him. He's even getting along swimmingly with the other dog in the house, a male terrier of some sort who decided AJ was going to be his new girlfriend for about the first three hours...until AJ told him to stop.

    But, tomorrow, I will be handing the keys to this truck over to my current company, most likely ride the train to my daughter's town and go to work for a company I worked with before, which explains the "new/old" reference. In the meantime, this truck feels so empty without my boy here. He gave me a good reason to get out and walk around. It feels kind of funny walking around a bunch of trucks apparently just hanging out. I've gotten used to thinking about someone besides myself and maybe that's what I miss.

    But I can't wait to see the wagging tail and hear the yodels when I walk into her apartment next time....🆒

    (There's a reason I'm not giving the names of the towns.....:p )

    Cheers, y'all!

  • "It feels kind of funny walking around a bunch of trucks apparently just hanging out. I've gotten used to thinking about someone besides myself and maybe that's what I miss."

    Aint that the truth.


  • I think we all here can relate to your situation of missing AJ. The good news is he's having a great time with your daughter and not staying in some strange boarding kennel. Wishing you the best of luck in your new job.

  • I wish you all the best in your new job/truck. AJ sounds as though he's having a great time with your daughter. I bet you can't wait to have him back, it sounds as though you are suffering 'cold turkey/basenji!!!

  • I know you miss AJ, but look at it this way - he will have tons of amazing stories to tell you about once the two of you meet up again. Yes, sometimes you just know when it's time to leave a company/make a change. I wish you the best of luck with your new/old job. And don't worry - AJ will make sure you fit right back in again. 🙂

  • It's hard to miss your Basenji… soon he will be riding along again!

    My dad rides a truck too, I always try to talk him into a Basenji but his heart is lost to our Buana and Chafuko.. (he won't get them for a million 😃 )

  • Houston

    ahh, Belinda, I feel for you, it must be lonely, I know how much your treasure your riding buddy..
    I know AJ is fine and safe, but I bet he can't wait to see you…he misses you too, you know.

    Be safe and let us know when you are onboard a well running truck again..enough with the issues, let's just rock and roll..right?
    Take care ♥

  • Hope everything works out well with your new job and your soon reunited with AJ.
    I wouldn't hold your breath for yodels though, Malaika hardly ever yodels for us but she does it for other people, some we think she shouldn't do it for, but theres no accounting for taste, is there 😉

  • Good luck with the new/old job, and with your freshly spoiled basenji!

  • Belinda: I hope your new/old job works well for you, and I know you are anxious for the day you can have AJ back in your truck - trucking at best is a lonely job, but having your best friend with you certainly helps. My son drives as well, and I've been trying forever to get him to take a dog along, but he doesn't want the responsibility. He'll never know the joy you have with AJ, which has been apparent in all your posts. Good luck to you both.

  • I'm back at my daughter's apartment. Yes, one very happy boy…jumping all over the place, play bows, wagging tail...but, no yodel this time. She brought him with when she came to pick me up and he was too busy whining and scratching at the window to get out and forgot to yodel.

    Tomorrow, I will be at the yard to sign out a truck. I will get all my stuff put into the truck and get rolling. Looking forward to it.

    One little guessing game for those who are paying attention:

    I rode the train across the country. The place I boarded the train was the site of a famous shootout in the early 30's that involved "Pretty Boy" Floyd, wherein he and a compadre attempted to free another associate named Nash.

    The incredible bar at this location still has the low-ceilinged back room that once was a secret "Speakeasy" during the Prohibition Era.

    Without having been aware at the time, I was standing on the very spot where the above shootout took place.


  • So glad that you have been reunited with AJ! 🙂

  • Houston

    So happy to hear that you both are together again..I bet it was a sweet moment..♥

  • Are we playing "Where's AJ"?

    Is it Kansas City?

    Glad you and your fella are reunited. I know I've missed my boy when i've had to kennel him and can't pick him up 'til the next day 'cause they are closed. So hard to know he's right there and not be able to see him.

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