Any clue what my boy is mixed with?

  • Our boy is 1 yr old now. We got him from a rescue org last Christmas - he was 8 weeks old at the time. I highly suspect he's at least part Basenji- from his statue to his behavior and character, but he is definitely mixed with something. He's now 57 lbs and rarely barks, but can do so if really worked up playing (LOVES his Varsity Ball!!!!!). Mostly he whines at the squirrels, though. He's super loving and cuddly - but definitely an opportunist. And VERY troublesome to walk as he pulls so hard & is crazy strong! If he wants to go after a squirrel, you're going with him or losing an arm in the process. He's outgrown most of his "bad" behaviors but I have yet to be able to teach him not to pull when walking or jump up on people when first greeting them. But he's worth any trouble he can get into. LOVE my boy!!

    Any guesses as to what he could be mixed with?? I'd say maybe pit bull but he's not that bulky and he's pretty big.

  • Hi mickeydoo, and welcome to the Forum. As for your boy, he's a good looking boy and IMO is at least part B, but who am I to say. If he is a puller the best thing would be to have him take an obediance course. Some years back I was the proud poppa of a GSD-Malamute mix who had his own idea of taking a walk, after putting him through an intensive obediance school he was awesome, we could walk through a crowd and he would stay at heel totally. In the meantime you might check into a no pull harness, there are many on the market and most are effective.

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