UPDATE! Name my Foster Boys!

  • They are here! they are so sweet but very timid, so its hard to get a good picture, but i tried! We are going to foster 2 BRAT boys from Indiana. They are 1 1/2 years old and at their previous home they did not have names! 😞 We decided on Buckeye for the red and Cole for the black, they just fit them..


  • 3 cheers for you, fostering two boys who obviously need a lot of love!

    Anne in Tampa

  • I like all the names…too tough to choose. If you name one Buckeye (since they are being fostered in Ohio), you could name the other Hoosier (since they are from Indiana). 😃


  • Cole, Dylan, Noah, Toby, Blake, and Neeko…
    I have a nephew named Cole and a brother in law named Niko (Greek). We have good friends named Dylan, Noah, and Blake. And my family dog's puppy was named Toby. hahaha... You picked popular names. I like the names- but you have to see the dog first. Noah might not be the best if you plan to use the word "No" as a disciplinary term. Post pics so we can see what they look like!! 🙂 I want to foster ALL of them!!

  • After Alex's antics as a puppy, I've always said I'd name the next two Beavis & Butthead.

  • Well if you like buckeye you could name the other hawkeye – oh sorry that's Iowa. 🙂

  • Bernie

  • They are 1 1/2 years old and don't have names? That's one of the saddest things I've ever heard. They will need strong, joyful names that let them know they are loved. I just came across the name Noor again - it means light, but I think it's usually used for a female. (Queen Noor was married to the last King of Jordan. She was an American born woman. Really interesting biography.)

  • agilebasenji- i know its really sad.. they were in the paper as free puppy- pretty sure from a BYB that never sold them and just wanted to get rid of them.. but she never named them.. shows how much they were cared for.. but i am picking them up tommorrow and they will be taken care of from now on.. good suggestion to give them strong names.. i have to see them to help name them..

  • Okay, well the book I'm currently reading (Thousand Splendid Suns, but the author of the Kite Runner. And if you haven't read KR, you should.) had a little boy in it named Noor, so maybe it works for both sexes.

  • I like Buckeye since it's got a bit of a story behind it. Not sure for the other one though…maybe Ohio? :p

  • Are they here yet?

  • You could always name them Brutus and Buckeye.

  • I vote for Bananna Hand and Knute.

  • How about buckeye and chestnut - they'd be named the same then (horse-chestnut is another name for buckeye) 🙂

  • I know this is cheesey but..how about Crockette & Tubbs 😃 😃 (for all you 80s kids!)

  • Boys doing any better?
    Give them a belly rub for me.
    Take care!

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