• I am on vacation in the Grand Caymans. Have been here 4 days and I can't believe how much I miss my 2 furkids. I know they are safe at a friends house but miss them all the same. Even my husband has admitted that he misses them.:(

  • Time to go home and get the babies. Vacations are not much fun when your missing your furkids. How much longer before you go home? Try to have fun.

    Rita JEan

  • Maybe your next vacation should be at the dog park?

    Have fun, enjoy a drink with an umbrella in it! That will lift your spirits!!!:)

  • Rita Jean, I have been here since Sat. and I leave this Sat. so I am half way through the vacation. 4 days left.

    Vicki-I have been enjoying the island spirts. Last night was fun at our resort. 30 people over the age of 35, it was mojitio night with a live steel jamaican band. Lots of crazy dancing under the stars and it ended with a dip in the pool, clothing optional.

  • Sounds like your having fun. Way to much info about last night LOL… I am not even going to ask about the optional. You better rest a little those furbabies are going to be ready when you get home. Have fun and enjoy.

    Rita Jean

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