• Ok, Roxy and I went for our night time walk, I live in South Florida, and 5 minutes into it out of nowhere she lunges forward and has something in her mouth. I looked down its a frog. I immediately yelled "drop it!" and she did. The frog hopped away. Ive been watching her for the past 30 minutes and rinsed her mouth out with a hose. Shes not foaming at the mouth or anything but Im stille concerned. I called the Vet ER here and they said if anything changes to bring her in. Anyone else's pup done this? What did you do? Anything more I can do!? Help!!! 😕 😞

  • is that a special kind of frog as it makes you so frightened?
    My dogs have eaten and tried to eat frogs and toads here, nothing happened, maybe only a bad taste of the toads, they are not poisonous, but we live in the netherlands, maybe the frogs in Florida are from a different kind.
    just relax, you talked to the vet and you know now what to do if anything changes.

  • Two of mine have licked toads and the only thing that happened was they got explosive diarrhea for a day and that was it - bad enough I guess :rolleyes:. It happened last year when my girl Liyah was a pup and my new pup, Ozzy did it a couple of weeks ago. I also called my vet on the first one and she just said keep an eye her and make sure she was drinking water. I think it only takes one time and then they learn.

    I can understand being more concerned being in Florida with the frogs you have there. But I think if the ER vet said just to keep an eye out, there isn't much to do.

  • Sugar licked a frog-once! She foamed at the mouth and didn't like it, but, no adverse affects. Unless it was a poisonous frog, I wouldn't worry. Most frogs squirt liquid out of their skin to deter predators, but it's usually harmless. Now, Zina, the boxer licked a toad once as well-that's something to see! A boxer with a foaming face! LOL

  • Ours love to chase the frogs/toads in our yard here in TX. I usually try to 'herd' or send the critters out of the yard - because I feel sorry for them being relentlessly pursued by the Basenjis! Only once has one of ours actually managed to get one in his mouth. He dropped it quickly, and foamed at the mouth, running around shaking his head. I rinsed his mouth with water and kept an eye on him, but he was fine as soon as he got the taste of it out of his mouth. Now he's much more careful and just hits them with his paws. A bigger concern for me is that my fur-kids love to chase bees! Several of them have managed to get stung for their efforts, but it doesn't seem to deter them. Hooray for Benadryl! I just hope they never encounter Africanized bees.


  • Thanks so much. I watched her for most of the night, she was just her usual self. Looking at me like "what DO you need?" This morning she had her breakfast and water as usual but when we went outside she was not even remotely interested in looking for last nights hoppity friend. Im really glad she didnt get sick. I worried because there are so many toads in Florida and Ive heard of dogs dying from it. Im glad Im not the only one with a crazy B. I was shocked that she actually dropped it, although thinking about it she did look at me like "WHAT?! IT HOPS!" haha I love her, even when she scares me half to death. Your stories made me giggle. Im sure Ill laugh about this one soon.

  • One of our cats got a mouthful of frog a few years back. She had major foaming at the mouth and was not acting well, so we took her to the vet. They charcoaled her. I wasn't fond of the idea, but it did work.

  • Keep rewarding her for a good "drop it"! Here we have Cuban Tree frogs and those huge Buffo frogs, both of which are pretty toxic, can cause foaming followed by seizures. But there are many more frogs that are OK, I think the dogs are attracted to the jumpy-hoppy things for play.

  • I had a 7 year old cat who grabbed one of the tree frogs we have in Florida - she was three days on intravenous drip because it poisoned her so badly. I really watch when I am walking my girls, so I can pull them back if anything hops - that episode scared me about frogs.

  • Shaye's Mom - that's why we had our cat Maxo charcoaled. She really wasn't looking well. I'm glad we almost saw the whole thing happen. We figured it was the frog (huge blackish coloured one - not sure what type) that had been hanging out around the front pond of our last home. She was right near the pond and foaming at the mouth. Scary event.

  • I guess the dutch frogs are more harmless to eat then the Florida ones.
    By the way my eldest Ibizan hound likes to slurp frogspawn…...

  • You are very right to be concerned. We lost a beagle 3 weeks ago and only just discovered over the weekend that it was a bufo frog. (after reading an article on Friday about them) I found and destroyed one in my backyard.

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