• Hello everyone. My name is Kyle and I'm a new basenji owner. I work at an exotic petshop and we sell locally bred puppies of unusual breeds (no puppy mill stuff for us!). We hand picked a beautiful male basenji for the shop, but after looking at his adorable face all week, I just had to take him home. He is about 13 weeks old and is my new best friend. He's very well behaved for the most part aside from a pretty severe seperation anxiety issue.

    Besides being an animal lover, I'm also an avid homebrewer of craft beer. His first night home, he tore into a bag of grains so we named him Barley. The house has since been completely dogproofed. Here's some pics of our little buddy.

    It's nice to meet everyone. See you around the boards!

  • Ahhhhh he is soooo cute. He reminds me of my lil one when we first got him..before he turned into a good hearted cujo….Welcome to the forum. We are new to this ourselves and have found it to be not only addictive but very helpful.

  • He is gorgeous. I love the sleeping picture. I have a basenji/whippet mix that is brindle. Good luck being a new b owner and welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome…love the picture!

  • Welcome to Barley!!

  • Great looking dog! I like the color!

  • What a cutie! Welcome to the boards.

  • What a doll face, welcome

  • He is too cute, and I love his name!!!

  • Welcome - Barley is gorgeous! I can see how you would want him all for yourself. Contrats! Have you gotten your Basenji Owner's Manual? This has some invaluable information and Basenji training tips. A perfect booklet for new owner's of a puppy. I got mine last year for my 1st Basenji-mix and I'm using it again now for my 12 week old B-mix. Check it out - http://www.evergreenbasenjiclub.org/

  • Thanks for all the nice comments and welcomes! And sorry it's been so long since I've been back to post. As you all know, owning a basenji puppy is a full time job. Barley gave us a good scare just a few days after I made this thread. We were cleaning the apartment one day and he got all worked up from chasing the broom. He was running full steam in circles around the apartment, took a quick turn and jumped straight out of the window. He tore the screen right out, fell two stories and landed on pavement. He was a hurting little puppy for a few days, but there were no broken bones or any permanent damage. Needless to say, we have since puppyproofed our windows. Chickenwire fixed in wooden frames isn't too pretty to look at, but it keeps the stunt-dog from performing anymore high flying acts.

    Barley is now around 18 weeks old and is doing great. He has gotten over his anxiety issues and is almost completely housebroken. I'll be sure to post more pictures soon!

  • OMG - Barley is lucky he wasn't badly injured. I'd imagine he might have a phobia for windows - I hope. Glad you're on the mend too.

  • Look out for the "flying Basenji"…. wow.... he was lucky... I always worried about mine going through the window, in fact when we had new windows put in what we use (call) the dog room upstairs, I got the type that open from both the top and bottom, so that I can leave the bottom closed and only open the top half....

  • Sooooooo cute!!!! I would have kept him too.

  • I can see why you took little Barley home. With a face like that…I would too! The name suites him. I just love his dark markings! Welcome to the forum!!!!

  • His photo makes me want a brindle! Very cute little guy. Glad to hear he was ok. I'm sure you heart stopped for a few seconds after seeing that! We had issues with separation anxiety too years ago with one of ours. She got a little better. Ultimately getting a second made all the difference!

  • Glad to know Barley is okay after his flying expedition. Tough little fella!!!

  • **Welcome to the wounderful world of Basenji's and thank goodnesss Barley's OK!. 😃

    First lesson-There's no such thing as a Basenji Proof House, but then I guess ya already figured that out. :rolleyes:
    (More lessons to follow every minute ya spend together!) ENJOY ;)**

  • He is cute, what is his breeding?

  • Thanks again for all the positive comments. He was bred in Killawog NY. Sire is Florelles Dameon and dam is Maringas Zoir of the Congo.

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