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Peanut & Zander wait at the Bridge..**

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The past 4 months has been a real time for healing & learning for me…...friend just sent me this and I figured it would be as appreciated here by my Basenji pals, as it was by me......enjoy..!


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As some or you may or may not know or remember, I had to put my BRAT Boy Zander to rest back in Dec. when he was just a few days short of 6 years old, due to diabetis. Broke my heart to the point where I swore I'd never get another B at my age….cause it hurt way to much for me to say goodbye.
My first boy Peanut made it to almost 16...I was somewhat expecting his when it was his time to go wait at the bridge, I was more ready for it.

So now I just have our 10 yr. old Ridgeback boy 'Tucker' and he's diggin being the only dog for the first time in His life.
He was raised with B's his entire life, so for him, no little Red & White brother was an adjustment...but real doable. Dad on the other hand, not so much. I missed my little buddies and as much as I love 'Tucker', he don't fit in a lap that's half full of Dad to start with. The other thing I missed the most was the smell of my B's. There is something about the smell of a Basenji that to me is the most soothing, warm, loving scent I've ever encountered. I'd fall asleep at night with their scent and wake first thing in the morning to was better then sunshine to me.

After about 10 weeks I couldn't stand it any more and told the better half I needed another B....but no pup this time....I'm too old for that. I started watchin the BRAT site closer and while their were several older B's needing a home. There were few that I felt would work out to good with Old Tucker. Called my BRAT Coordonator and Dear Friend Barb and told her what I was wanting to do. She was glad to hear I was reconsidering my earlier stand on 'No More B's' and said she'd start lookin too. Then another Dear Friend & his wonderful wife offered me one of their show quality pups, but I had to say no. To put a pup in our home would in no way be the right thing to do for the pups sake. Everyone here is old and a pup needs to be in an enviroment with young, or at the very least, somewhat active people to really have a quality life.

Then one day while I was talking to Barb, she gave me an idea. Why not see if any breeder/show folks had any older dogs they may want to retire into a loving forever home like mine. I had never even considered it but what the heck...can't hurt to check. So I went to the BCOA site, got their e-mail, and sent off a note explaining what I was lookin for, and did they know anyone that may consider this. A very nice lady (who's name I can't remember..please forgive me) sent an e-mail back sayin. "Here's a list of breeder/show folks within about a 300 mile radius...check with them".

Well, I sent out a mass e-mail and don't you know I got a response almost immediately from a Great Lady, (Toni) in King George, Va.. She at first asked if I'd be interested in one of two younger dogs she would make available. I explained that as much as I'd love to have them both in my family, I would need to pass due to the age of those of us already in our household. Then Toni came back with an offer I could never have imagined anyone would make. She had a little 7 year old Champion Girl she called 'Thing', that she'd love to see spend her days in a home like I was offering. This little girl was her all time favorite, sweet, gentle and ready to be the 'Queen of the Hop' in a retirement setting. There were a few things Toni insisted be taken care of first, but after we spoke for a bit, we decided to let 'Thing' come be 'Tuckers' little sister.

"I'M GETTIN A GIRL"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never had a girl B.....wife only had one female in all the different dog she'd owned over the years, so 'ye ha' goes. Last Wednesday I went down to Toni's and was introduced to 'CH WAKAN If Wishes were Butterflies' and got to spend the afternoon with 'Thing'. Toni was right, she is a sweet, little, gentle, snuggle pup, who loves to be loved. Next morning Toni gave the untimate display of love for her 'Thing', and gave her to me, to love and care for for the rest of our days.

Since then I have been in Basenji Heaven right here at home. 'Thing and I have bonded right from the start. She came into our home, has been taking her time getting to know 'Tucker' & his mom, but has really been a thousand times more special then any of us could have imagined. She pretty much has Ol Dad wrapped around her sweet little paw, and I'm sure she'll have the other two under her spell in no time. This is Tucker's first experience with a girl too, so him and Dad are on our toes. I realize I'm probably puttin you all to sleep with this way too long post, but I needed to share just what a wonderful difference even an older B can make in your life, if you'll just give the right one the chance.

Like I mentioned earlier.....BRAT has several wonderful older B's on their site that desperately need a loving forever home. It really is easier in so many ways gettin an older pup. They'll still have some challenges that will need to be dealt with, but for the most part, they know what needs to be done...all you need to do is show them how you'd like it done. If you have such a home that could use some more love...please consider an older dog. If your half as lucky as me...find the right people to help you find the right B...I'm sure you'll find that very same piece of Basenji Heaven I've found.

I want to give my heartfelt Thanks to my wife Loretta, Toni, Barb, Gary, Gail the BCOA, BRAT and especially my Peanut & Zander for makeing it possible for me to now be a Basenji Dad to 'Thing'. Without any one of you, I would never again have experienced the wonderful smell of Basenji love!!!!!!!

Want to get a look at my 'Thing'????? She's second to last on this page..

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Any news on the outcome..?????

I couldn't find any recent info in any of my searches.

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I got this from a very dear friend & Basenji Dad like myself…, along with the music really touched my heart.....

I hope it touches yours too..enjoy!

Happy Basenji Valentines Day all…

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Albert, a good place to start looking for a Basenji is BRAT… …they will make sure your right for a Basenji & help you find the Basenji that's right for you. It may take a little bit longer to reach your goal, but when you do, you'll know how worthwhile the wait was.

There's so much more to a Basenji then what could have been published in the post, so take your time to learn as much as you can before excepting the responsibility. The right Basenji will expose you to a world like no other....they'll make you laugh, cry, sing and dance all the while showing you love, loyality and a side of yourself you never knew existed.

Good luck and keep us posted..!!

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Today I had too let Zander go be with his little/big brother Peanut at the bridge. Diabetis seems to be the main reason for his decline, but no matter what the reason, it never gets any easier. Thankful for the 6 years we shared but will always long for more.

RIP Zander, Peanut and all our B's at the Bridge….know that we look forward to the day we'll never again say good bye.

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**Readin that story gave me the chills.

I'm glad to see you and your B came thru it OK. I must admit, that once my guys finished schooling as pups, they are never again around other dogs and that's one of the reasons why. I'm out in the country where I can't even see my neighbors house and that's exactly how we like it. If something like that ever happened to one of my B's, they'd have much more to fear from my reaction than any four legged creature in that park.

Just like with children, there's folks that should never have a pet of any kind because they can barely take care of their own needs let alone those that go along with a pet. They'll chain a dog to a wooden box in the back yard and forget about it day & night. Or they'll let it run the neighborhood and expect everyone else to look out for it. If you talk to them they'll tell ya they have this breed dog or that breed, but barely interact with it 5 minutes a day.

Please forgive my rant, it's sad that you had to go thru that, but I'm happy your both recovered..**

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**This has been a fun read. I do so much enjoy reading these type stories and I'm often amazed at how simular yet different our B's are.

Peanut would hop on the bed the minute I climbed in and head right under the covers behind my knees. He wouldn't come out till morning no matter how warm it got.

When Zander entered the picture they would both share the bed, but it was 1 on one side of me and 1 on the other. As Zander got older and grouchier, Peanut just quit comin in at all and went & slept with mom.

Now it's just Zander, on top of the covers if the TV's on, but under the covers when it goes off. He stands and stares at my face till I lift the covers too. He'll also squirm up with his head on the pillow on occassions if it gets to warm under the covers.

That's when I get to wrap my arms around him and really snuggle him up….but those occassions are few and far between.**

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I found this link sums up the "quirks" quite well. I am sure most of you have seen it, but I find it's fun to review. 🙂

**WOW, what a great link, thank you!!

I've been under the control of the Basenji now for about 16+years. There isn't a day that goes by when I'm not totally in awe of them. I love to watch em, touch em, smell em, play with em, becuase they put an energy into life like nothing else I've ever experienced. We have our routines we do at certain times each day & evening, but other than that, anything goes.

My Zander does not like phones, door bells, people, most other dogs, loud noises, bugs, rain, or being disturbed anytime between midnight & midnight, every day of the week. He does however love me, so I have learned to live with the other stuff, with his help.

Once a Basenji has you properly trained you'll do just about anything for them and ask almost nothing of them. Once in a while if your real good, they'll walk up and give ya a lick or show some breif show of emotion, but it's their way of keepin ya on yer toes….and darn if it don't work better than a clicker.

Most people that have problems with Basenji's, do so, because they think they can change them into the kinda dog they want and will have the added bonus of 'NoBarkin', 'Little Sheddin', and the small size that they think makes them easy to handle. Unfortunately it doesn't take long for them to figure out they've been completely outwitted by a "NoBark', "Little Shed", 21 lb. independent genius with four feet, wrinkeled forehead and a curly tail. Then lucky folks like us get to adopt them, fall helplessly under their control and live happily ever after.

If a person accepts them for the beautiful, energetic, independent creatures god made them to be, you'll be so much the better for it and so will the lucky little 'B' that lets you into their world.

It should however be mentioned that once addicted to the Basenji, there is no known cure this side of heaven......and I thank God for that every day!!! 😃


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**Both my B's do/did that to the little rug I stand on when I get out of the shower to dry off. When dad steps off, they roll on. :eek:

The other time they do that is if I spray Fabreeze or Glade in a room. They'll run in and start rollin all in it as it settels. :rolleyes:

They start gettin all excited when I pull the can out of the cabnet…:p**

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