Introducing Kiya-Bear

It has been a month since we have had Kiya in our home. Here are some pictures of our litle "bundle of terror" :p

How cute! I love the bottom pic, he is smiling! She looks so innocent when she is sleeping, but we all know better! She is beautiful though.

All are wonderful, but the last one where your boy has the smirk on his face is adorable

The second photo is beautiful {well, they all are, but….}. It really shows off his gorgeous face!!

I agree with WBL -- that last shot is priceless!

The last shot should say, "well, she is cute, but when is he going HOME!".

Oh my.. look at those ears…gggg... reminds me so much of my Mickii when she was that age... I will have to try and find a baby pic of Mickii...

She is so adorable!!! I LOVE her little face!

That last one is priceless! They both are beautiful, but puppies - oh man! How cute she is!!!

That is funny that you call her Kiya-Bear… Ann calls Kobey Ko-Bear!

She is beautiful!! Love the second photo!

Oh my!! I'm in love 🙂

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