• Mischief has a new sister and he is learning what a trial he was as a puppy when we first got him. I tell him paybacks a bitch and her name is Nimbus. She has been with us for 2 wks now. (It took me that long to figure out how to add a picture to this post). She is Mischiefs new shadow wherever he goes she is right on his tail. She is all over him biting and begging for play time which most of the he is happy to accommodate her.

  • Oh, absolutely adorable! Love the picture of the two lying together. Lucky you, a summer puppy!

  • Where did you get Nimbus? I noticed your location says PA, and Finley's from PA too!

  • She is so freaking adorable!! And I love the name- congrats and I am so glad that mischief has a playmate

  • We got her in Maryland and yes we were very excited when we found a spring litter. The theme of this litter was rolling stones songs. Her registered name is Tammens Get Off Of My Cloud so I thought Nimbus was an appropriate call name.

  • Wow what a cutie, how do you say no to that face. Lucky you.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Laurie is a great breeder! Congrats on your new little girl…. And YES, pay backs are a "bitch"!

  • I love Tammen puppies…so lucky !

  • Beautiful babies 🙂 Super cute name. Love the originality! And….(no offense all you single-dog owners out there) 2+ basenjis [or other dogs] = 10x the fun. They are so entertaining if they get along with each other.

  • Exactly… one is nice... two are perfect!

  • I wish I could buy into that Pat! I am too afraid at this point in my life to get a second, it could either be Oakley's savior for all his bad behaviors or I will end up with two that are like Oakley!!
    One day I will do it, but totally couldn't pay me to do it right now. Went back to school (and full time) and I am still working forty hours a week.. I have a great dog walker and I keep promising Oakley a big backyard when this is all over….

    Two scares the pants off of me

  • I'm learning this! My boy is so bored and lonely after my sister and her dog moved out. Will be getting him a brother as soon as they are available.

    Your girl is adorable! That kennel has some really beautiful dogs!

  • I've had two girls and I've had a girl and a boy, and I've had solo Basenjis. Two are definitely company for each other, and are a great idea if you have to leave them alone for any length of time, but it definitely changes your relationship. In my experience, the second one will generally be more attached to the other dog than to you, unless of course the original doesn't like the addition (happened to me when I added a boy. My girl hated him on sight, but did learn to tolerate, if not enjoy, him. She would never play with him, however). I find I do more training for fun and spend more quality time when it's one on one.

  • She is adorable. I love her registered name 😃

    Aren't puppies just so much fun?

  • LOVE her registered and call name. OMG please let me just borrow her for a month… oh gosh puppy love indeed. Congrats on the new addition!

  • First Basenji's

    OMG! pic 6 is the cutest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why do basenji pups have to be so D______d adorable?????????????????????????????

    Good luck and congrats!!!!

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