Introducing Leki…

It's taken a while to get a picture of Leki with her head not in Butu's mouth…so, for your perusal, my beautiful little girl...


She looks great! That 2nd photo is such an innocent look, but we all know how deceiving these dogs can be at times. 🙂

She looks like a little princess, the last photo looks like she could get out of any trouble, the who me-wasn't me look.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Aww..I love her! She has bigger ears just like my Oakley!!! Butu has the "someone please help me, look"

What a sweetie! Love the innocent expression. 🙂

What a little cutie 🙂

She is in the "so adorable it hurts" category!

Awww, she is really such a loveable little thing - her expression makes you want to pick her up and cuddle her. Baby everythings are cute - but baby basenjis have to be the cutest.

She is adorable! Such a sweet face. She looks like a little cuddler!

First Basenji's

She is definitely tooo cute. Hope that innocent expression lasts every Basenji episode!!!! Tell me, is she a tail wagger??? It has to be the cutest thing to watch a B wag the curly cue! Laughter abounds!

She is a great tail wagger - little doughnut going mad and a hearty 'Baroo' to greet me in the morning is the best way to start the day…

First Basenji's

Oh my, I am almost jealous!!!! Buddy actually use to wag his tail in happiness, Uzie only does it when he is stalking the neighbors dog that he plays with…..I think if I ever get a puppy, it will have to be the one that wags the doughnut!!!!

Perry wags his tail hardest when he is stalking a chipmunk. Tail wags don't always mean what you think! I doubt he was planning to be friendly if he caught one. 😉

Wow, a tail wagger and a barooer– so many talents and so cute, too! Ava doesn't wag and neither did Spencer.

Butu never wags for me, so Leki is a sweet little change…

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