Our newest addition, a tri boy named Riley. I know you all love pictures but I have to post them later tonight, no time this morning. He's four months old and from Susan Howard of Sulou Basenjis in Arizona. He's out of Susan's first Basenji Su-Ron's Miss Fancy Pants, by Jumanji's Prince Imhoteppy, both R/W. It was an "oops" litter. Riley is either clear or carrier of Fanconi. Out of three tri male puppies she had he won us over with his outgoing, friendly temperament. He was the first to climb into my lap when I got in the x-pen. He's been alot of fun. And we finally got sleep last night. And it was very sorely needed. Pictures tonight, promise!

YAY…congrats. I guess we can let you get away with no pictures untill later tonight....but better not make us wait too long. 😛

Congrats…. Nicki.....

thank you thank you!! Riley has been great, minus the screaming. After that first post this morning I looked at them in their new mansion of a crate we got last night and they were laying right next to each other. Love it. He's learning leash manners from her. And where to "go". And she's snarked some, to set some boundaries.
Last night he did much better in a wire crate with Zip, he's accustomed to those kind as opposed to the plastic. The crate is huuuuuge. Liz and I would fit in it together at the same time. I told her sheesh maybe we have to look for a 2 bedroom apt in Atlanta!
I did kind of miss having Zip in bed with us, our little furnace. But she likes the crate, I think. She knew it was theirs from the start and stayed in even with the doors open. And didn't whine or cry when it clear that was where she'd be sleeping. The first 2 nights with Riley he SCREAMED all night in the plastic crate. I was really expecting to get a noise complaint letter on our door. I think having Zip in there with him and being able to see more settled him down. He did much better in the plastic crate in the car. Good thing, cuz that's where he'll be on our road trip. I might be able to get Liz to post some pictures today…

How wonderful you have a new addition.
Can't wait to see the photos.

Congrats on the new boy! I can't wait to see pics!! I want a puppy so bad!!

so somehow we misplaced the cord to get pics off the camera onto the computer. Liz is cleaning today so hopefully she'll find it and we 'll have pics up soon.

Here's Riley!!!

Gettin' comfy with big sis…


Zip resigns to being a pillow. She didn't even snark at him for this. Amazing.

Mama Nicki.

and Zip w/ Mama Liz


Zip resigns to being a pillow. She didn't even snark at him for this. Amazing.

Ha ha ha, what a fantastic picture!

Oh what a cute little boy. SO happy to see them together and getting alone. Congrats again. 🙂

Great shots. Looks like they bonded quickly!

He is adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures 🙂 That's so great too that Zip has accepted him so well!

We've been quite pleased with how they've adjusted to each other. Thank you thank you everyone for all the compliments 🙂

He is very cute….. Glad that it all worked out for you!!!!

great pics! thanks for sharing

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