• Hi, everyone! I am thrilled to announce the addition of Sharma to our family. We adopted Sharma from BRAT last Friday. She is a (appx) 5 year old R/W. Not a lot is known about her background. BRAT rescued her from a kill shelter in Texas. She was surrendered, but the people surrendering her refused to provide any information about her, even her name. She was fostered by a wonderful BRAT volunteer for the last few months. She is very sweet and we are both very attached to her already.

    There have been a few rough patches (nothing serious) with our other B, Esau, but I remain optimistic they will work it out. He is basically claiming every good spot in the house as "his" and has been trying to lay claim to both of us, as well. We've been working on that with some success, but the bed is the biggest sticky point. I'll post in the appropriate forum for help on that. We are also having some house training issues. Sharma used a doggy door at the foster's home, but we don't have one do not want to get one for a variety of reasons. I think Sharma is not used to being able to pee whenever she wants. I'll post for help in the appropriate forum on this issue, as well. I'll attach pictures of her in a separate post.


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