Introducing Wyatt

My husband and I found this guy at a rescue and couldn't wait to go pick him up. He is a real sweety with only occasional Basenji naughtiness:p He can already follow commands (when it suits him) and he starts obedience school this week. We named him Wyatt and call him our quiet Wyatt. I enjoy having him so much and hope to get another one when he is a bit older.
He loves to go on walks and is very social with little kids and other dogs. I am trying very hard to socialize him a lot. He goes almost everywhere with us and loves to ride in the car.
I will have some pictures to upload soon, the ones I have now are too big to upload on the site. Does anyone know how I can make them smaller to fit?

Hi Punky,

Welcome to Basenji Forums. Please take a look at this thread, it explains how to post and resize photos.

Hope this helps,

Hello and welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing pics.

Hello Punky, welcome to the forum…how old is Wyatt?

Thank you for the advice on re-sizing the pictures.
These were taken about one month ago right after we got him.
He had his first obedience class today. It was challenging. He did not follow a single order, even though he does it at home. He was so excited to have all of the other dogs to play with. I wish the kennel club would have given more time for them to play with eachother afterward.


He is 16 weeks now. We got him at 12 weeks.

Who is Punky's sire and dam?, breeder??

He is cute.. and sure not surprising that he did "nothing" right at his first class..ggg

Wyatt sure is a cutie, love the colors.

Wyatt is adorable!! 😃 is that like Wyatt Erp??? Is he Wyatt the Basenji Cowboy lol 😃 😃 😃

He is sooo cute. I'm having a really hard time looking at all of these pictures of pups (well a little older now). I haven't been on here nearly as much since all of this puppy craze….I want one sooo bad.

We got Wyatt from a rescue. We were told that he was left with his mother and 2 brothers after the breeder decided to move. I am not completely sure what state they came from or why the breeder couldn't take the dogs with.

Well, good for you for taking him and giving him his forever home… that is super... sometimes people give up dogs for a "real" reason... sometimes not...

Such a gorgeous tri!!!

He's adorable! Welcome…this is a great place to learn and share!

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