• My husband and I found this guy at a rescue and couldn't wait to go pick him up. He is a real sweety with only occasional Basenji naughtiness:p He can already follow commands (when it suits him) and he starts obedience school this week. We named him Wyatt and call him our quiet Wyatt. I enjoy having him so much and hope to get another one when he is a bit older.
    He loves to go on walks and is very social with little kids and other dogs. I am trying very hard to socialize him a lot. He goes almost everywhere with us and loves to ride in the car.
    I will have some pictures to upload soon, the ones I have now are too big to upload on the site. Does anyone know how I can make them smaller to fit?

  • Hi Punky,

    Welcome to Basenji Forums. Please take a look at this thread, it explains how to post and resize photos.


    Hope this helps,

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing pics.

  • Hello Punky, welcome to the forum…how old is Wyatt?

  • Thank you for the advice on re-sizing the pictures.
    These were taken about one month ago right after we got him.
    He had his first obedience class today. It was challenging. He did not follow a single order, even though he does it at home. He was so excited to have all of the other dogs to play with. I wish the kennel club would have given more time for them to play with eachother afterward.


  • He is 16 weeks now. We got him at 12 weeks.

  • Who is Punky's sire and dam?, breeder??

    He is cute.. and sure not surprising that he did "nothing" right at his first class..ggg

  • Wyatt sure is a cutie, love the colors.

  • Wyatt is adorable!! 😃 is that like Wyatt Erp??? Is he Wyatt the Basenji Cowboy lol 😃 😃 😃

  • He is sooo cute. I'm having a really hard time looking at all of these pictures of pups (well a little older now). I haven't been on here nearly as much since all of this puppy craze….I want one sooo bad.

  • We got Wyatt from a rescue. We were told that he was left with his mother and 2 brothers after the breeder decided to move. I am not completely sure what state they came from or why the breeder couldn't take the dogs with.

  • Well, good for you for taking him and giving him his forever home… that is super... sometimes people give up dogs for a "real" reason... sometimes not...

  • Such a gorgeous tri!!!

  • He's adorable! Welcome…this is a great place to learn and share!

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