Introducing Gambit
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  • WE are now home after making a number of shopping stops along the way. Gambit travels amazingly well, no complaints at all, so unlike the 2 boys when we got them. She played and slept with the boys in KY, and was introduced to the 2 whippet girls when we got home. They are quite taken with her, wagging tails and playing. She is so very tiny we are supervising the play for at least a month. A 35 lb whippet running full force thru the house can do quite a bit of damage. here are a few photos of her from today and a short video I took after I taught her to play fetch with a tennis ball. She now knows fetch and sit. I think this may be my next rally dog, so excited with her enthusiasm and finally I have a dog who baits! none of my others will take a treat in public which makes obedience and agility training a challenge.

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  • She's real beauty Lisa! She fetches too! I'd say you have a great Basenji.

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    Lovely indeed

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  • lisa,
    clearly that little pup is defective. if you send her to me, i will try to un-defect her and send her back. if i can't, i will just suffer and keep her. okay?

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    oooh, she is sooo teeny-tiny and cute!

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  • She is soooo cute! Congrats and I hope she charms you for many, many years!

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  • Very pretty little girl have lots of fun and enjoy.

    Rita Jean

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    What an adorable little girl and clever with it too!

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