• It happened yesterday, early evening while I was prepping Kipawa's supper. I add a little olive oil in his kibble, which seems to cut down on any dryness on his skin and helps to keep his coat nice and shiny. His skin got a little dry because Darrel needs the heat turned up quite high to feel comfortable.

    Well, I guess I was taking too long fidgeting with Kipawa's food, because out of the blue he produced his first baroo! It wasn't huge, but it was definitely a baroo. Overall, he seems quite vocal - little 'arks', which are barks without substance, squeals when he yawns and now a baroo. I really hope this was not a one time thing. It was adorable. Darrel said to me "what's that", to which I replied it was from our mini wolf!

  • Houston

    Awesome…i just love those little baroos...pippin is quite the talker, all day long...cracks me up.

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  • awww love when they are vocal! Sonny on the other hand is not a talker…...he only baroo's at my mom & dad -when we go visit their house and he runs in the back door searching for them and when he finds one of them he lets out a very loud baroo until they pet him! :p in 4 years he has never barooed for me! :rolleyes:

    does anyone else's B only baroo for certain people?

  • He was saying thanks Mom for the olive oil on my kibble!

  • Indy's nickname is "Indy-Roo", for, you guessed it, his hearty baroos. Most commonly, he'll roo when he's really excited about eating, when he's trying to get Jigsaw to play with him (really funny when he's got a stuffed toy in his mouth), or when he sees my Dad. It's so cute, my Dad can get multiple roos out of him at once. I've ALMOST got it on cue. I'm positive he knows what I mean when I ask him "can you roo?" - but he still chooses if/when he'll co-operate. Typical basenji! 🙂
    Jigsaw can baroo, but does so far less often. Hers sounds more like a rooster crow than anything else. Usually it's when she's impatiently waiting for me to give her a treat toy.
    Their roos are one of my favourite things about my b-kids! It's so neat to have such a unique type of critter. At the clinic where they come to work with me everyday, they have been mistaken for everything from monkeys to parrots to roosters. 🙂

  • Serious baroo envy. 😞

  • Our first Basenji, Seymour, barooed a lot…and, like Jigsaw, sounded like a rooster crowing. Maxx, on the other hand, rarely barooed. When he did, he sounded like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on Home Improvements when he did his "r-r-r-r."

  • I also have some serious barroo envy - Shaye mutters and whines and once in a while makes a little snarky sound, but never barroos. Gemma makes all manner of wierd noises I've never heard out of a dog, but as a mix, she barks like a dog, mainly. Ik.

  • It's so nice to have a talker and a Barooer.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Serious baroo envy. 😞

    Me too, feel VERY ripped off… 0/4 Barooers in this house :(...

  • We are also finding that Kipawa baroos when he sees us after we have been out of the home. I think he is trying to tell us something like "how dare you leave me".

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