• Monday was my first day back to work since I got Oakley…Iwill tell you that he caused mayhem both when I arrived from lunch and at the end of the day. When I let him out for good he got so excited he was whining,crying and trying to wiggle his bum...then out it came- a baroo! It was so cute because he never did it and I didn't think he would be a talker, it sounded so adorable....thats a memory I know I'll always remember

  • Houston

    Don't you just love those? They are absolutely adorable...congrats.

  • Chealsie, congrats on hearing one of the best sounds around! Here's hoping you experience many more.

  • Hearing our girl talk for the first time was so amazing. I understand your excitement! Gracie is a talker now but didn't start out that way. It still feels so very special to hear her voice when she thinks I deserve it.

  • How exciting! 🙂

  • That's great..its good your close enough to go home for lunch…

  • oh i love baby baroooo's

  • He probably surprised himself!!!

  • I love the baroos, Trog does not make any sounds but Xander gives roos every time he is excited to see me.

  • 😃 It is a wonderful moment when a new B sounds off for the first time. Just imagine how exciting it is to hear two B's rooing in harmony, Mr Baroo is a sweet baratone while Bitty is an alto.

  • That is super you have a baby does the Baroo. Both of ours Baroo and Mr BaRoo & Bitty your so correct what a harmony.

    Rita Jean

  • Today at my lunch break trip home I got my second baroo!!! It was just as precious as the first…I love wondering if I'll get one everytime I come home

  • 😞 WTG but I soooo have baroo envy.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    😞 WTG but I soooo have baroo envy.

    Me too!!! Sonny baroo's at my mom everytime she comes in the house when he visits my parents but he has never barooed for me….EVER :mad:

  • Nothing cuter than baby baroos. If you can get him right as he is about to do it you might be able to give it a command. I was able to train both Ruby and Brando to give it on command for their dinner. It is pretty funny because Brando's baroo is so completely different than Ruby's …hers is so melodic, and his is so deep and masculine.

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