• Last week I took Gossy and went camping for a couple of days. It was her first experience and I think she did well. However, she did not like to hike in the woods very far - she'd reach a point as turn to me and say "that's enough, I'm heading back to the camp". She also didn't like the sound of rushing water or waterfalls – several of the trails crossed the rivers at waterfalls and she would not go on the bridge, even if I picked her up she would fight me to get off the bridge.

    The park was along the north shore of Lake Superior near the Canadian border. Here are a few pictures from when we went down to the lake Superior (for our non-USA friends, this lake is the biggest in the US and often has ocean-like weather).

  • Lovely pictures Wizard. Gossy looks like she's eyeing the lake up and thinking "I'm not going in there !"
    The lake does actualy look like the ocean to me.

  • Lake Superior is great (well maybe not in the Winter 😃 ).

    Looks like Gossy had a great time. I've always had issues with Kananga and bridges until he gets used to a specific one. Did she have fun in the water at all? 😃

  • Actually though she hated the river water she was curious about the lake waves. One time she stood at the end of the waveline and got her paws in the wet sand but not close enough to get splashed by waves. I thought the picture of her with the driftwood log was funny - she seemed to think at first that the log was some kind of strange creature and she was really hesitant to approach it.

  • Thanks for the pics and how it went. When you start taking them out in different environments you find out what they like and don't like. I took Buddy to the beach for the first time and he ran right into the ocean to play with the other dogs. He's a go with the flow dog. He's just a bit cautious walking in the dark which all Basenjis are.

  • Very nice pics! Sounds like great fun, going camping with your dog!

  • Houston

    Sounds like so much fun. I love the pic with Gossy and that wicked dangerous looking log…scary..LOL

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