• It was bedtime a couple nights ago and I had just put Noel in her crate. I turn off all the lights and sat down in the family room and turn on the Television. All of a sudden I hear a noise that sounds like an instrment playing from noel's room. I look at my husband and say…Was that Noel. It was the most beautiful noise. Unfortunatley I have not heard it again.

  • That's great. Hopefully you'll hear other noises soon enough. 😃

    I've only had the joy of hearing these weird growls. He only does it when he's excited. Hard to explain the noise but it's very random.

  • If your little one is making noises, chances are she will continue. I have never heard my B yodel - she only whines and mutters when she doesn't get her way. My B-mix however, barks, yodels, barroos, and makes all manner of odd noises when the two are playfighting. I keep hoping that she will eventually sound off, but she's 16 months and nothing yet.

  • In 3 years the only time Sonny makes any noise is at my mother when he visits their house. When she comes in the door from work he yodels, barks and sings for her. It never fails every time she walks in the house. For me he does nothing! :eek:

  • Houston

    Don't you just love it? Otis has been yodeling more now, after he turned one, than ever before…usually when he wants something.

  • Hope Noel continues to yodel for you, it's such a lovely sound.

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