First Bath and First Rain Walk

  • **Well Tiggy has been introduced to both in one day. He had to get a bath because he peed and then for some reason sat down in it ugh and LOL at same time

    So for the bath well he was completely fascinated with the water coming from the facuet, until I turned on the sprayer (german baths have a sprayer also) so he freaked and tried to jump out, his jump was more because when he jumped he jumped face first into the spray. I was just able to hold him about the shoulders and finish the wet down. He stood great for the shampoo, was a little less scared with the shampoo rinse off, and then I added conditioner and for the rinse of that he was perfect and didn't move at all.

    Then now we just got back from a potty walk (been about 3hrs since bath) and it started raining, he didn't even react to it, Reggie was more upset about it than Tiggy.

    So maybe I got one that doesn't mind water to much.**

  • He has this in blood 🙂 His mum likes water.However his sister not:eek:

  • Very cute pic Arti, she looks to be having a lot of fun in the water. So his sister doesn't like water? LOL

  • Magic does not very like wet grass:eek:

  • LOL, sounds like you should call her Princess Magic

  • 😃 😃 😃 Her name - Magic of Luxury:D almost how princess:D

  • Thats a very cute name!! 😃

  • Rain does not bother our dogs as long as you go with them. Going alone- forget it!

    Or male pee's on him self all the time, then he promptly licks it off (refer to no kissing thread)

  • So maybe I got one that doesn't mind water to much.

    ha ha, just wait….

  • @Mantis:

    ha ha, just wait….

    LOL, I don't know he tried to climb in the shower with me yesterday, and it's been raining since he got here and Reggie is more unhappy about the rain than Tiggy

  • I have a cat that is fascinated by the bathroom. Tuk will lay in the bathroom sink, even if I have the water turned on lightly! If I am in the bathtub, he will try to sit on my chest. If I am taking a shower, he will jump in and stand between the bathtub and the shower curtain. When I exit the shower/tub, he jumps into the bathtub and walks around or else rubs against my wet legs. Its weird. He's weird.

  • Uku doesn't enjoy rain much but wet grass is ok!
    I haven't tried the shower yet thinking he was too young for it 😞 , but the next nice and sunny day, I will give it a try.

  • I have a cat that will walk around in the rain, she likes it. :eek: But if it is thundering, she heads for her cat door in the garage, hates thunder. My Basenji, Sahara hates wet grass, but is better about getting a bath now that I give her a treat when we are done. We carried her out in the boat, with her lifepreserver on and she liked it Ok. She is getting better but won't go outside to potty when it is raining unless Mom goes with her on a leash and an umbrella. Hence, her name Africian Queen Sahara!!!!!!:D

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