• We got our first decent snow of the year today – and Keoki's first snow ever.
    He is LOVING it! Jazzy came in after a few minutes, but Keoki is refusing to come in. He's out there kicking it up and chasing it, running in crazy circles. It's hilarious!

  • How cute!! Post some pics already! 😉

  • My b's love the snow rather than the rain, but they get "frozen" feet, and then when them come in, the cry and lick their feet because they hurt when defrosting…

  • Tayda absolutely HATES the snow. She has been known to scream bloody murder if we don't take her in as SOON as she is done peeing. No waiting for lenny to finish. One time even after we got back inside, she continued to scream. I was so scared! I figured she was yelling outside cause she was cold, but then when she continued to scream once inside I wondered if it was something else. I think she just wanted to BE SURE I knew how unhappy she was about the snow.

  • Oh, your poor dog.
    Wonder if its the feet thing?
    She might have very tender toes!~

  • When it snows here, my 2 dogs would keep going to the last bits of snow to pee, until there was almost nothing left, just to avoid having to step on the wet ground.

  • It snowed on Saturday here…just a small amount. Ruby was fine...just as good as when it is raining (doesn't seem to mind the rain). I'm thinking I'm super lucky, my basenji doesn't have weather issues :D.

    WRONG! It snowed a few inches overnight last night (and is supposed to snow at least another foot today). Ruby was not happy this morning...she ran under the porch and I had to go retrieve her after she had done her business...she wouldn't come back out into the snow. Once I get home from work, I'll have to try to figure something out as it will be a long Maine winter if I can't get her to walk in the snow...:rolleyes:

  • After my post yesterday, my brother took Ruby out in the snow for a walk down our longggg driveway in the thick of the storm (we got 1.5 feet :eek:). Evidently, she loved it…he emailed me to let me know. So whatever she didn't like about the snow in the morning, was all fine when he took her out 😃 and by the time I got home.

    When I got home, I took her out in her pen off leash and she was bounding all around like a little deer...:D 😃 😃 . I shovelled out her pen and as I'm throwing snow around, she decides it is a game and starts running in front of where I'm throwing the snow to chase the snow, so she got pasted with a couple of shovels full of snow (it was light, don't worry)...pretty funny 😃 :D.

    When her paws got cold from the snow, she would run under the porch (we have tree bark down) to warm back up and then would come running out again for more basenji games.

    Yay, Ruby looooooves the snow. She came in so tired, she layed down on her bed in front of the wood stove, stretching out so her paws were on the hearth to warm up and went to sleep. 😃

  • This is my first winter with EL D though not his first. We got 6-7 inches of first snow last weekend and more today and so far he's willing to go out in the yard to pee (and yes now he does all his business in the yard - yay) and tease the neighbor's dog and chase rabbits but he won't go for a walk in it. We get partway down the driveway and he just puts on the brakes and turns around. The few times we did get out into the street, I think he got road salt in his paws and when it started to melt he screamed to high-heaven. My other beastie used to do that and I was always worried the neighbors would call the animal control on me. 🙂

  • My b's are out playing in the snow right now…I am happy they don't mind it. We had an ice storm on Saturday and they were hilarious trying to figure out how to run on the ice:p They looked back at me like I was supposed to do something about it.

  • We're supposed to get our first snow tomorrow… It will be the first time I see Miles in snow. And today was the first day he came in shivering after our walk. I can't help but say I thought it was darling! Looks like I'll have to get him a Man Coat after all!! YES!!

  • Hey Jazzysmom…
    Did you have any or much of that terrible weather???

  • We haven't had the storms that the midwest has had… But it'll be interesting to see what today brings... let me check the forecast... please hold...

    this just in... 1-3 inches accumulation expected; 90% chance of snow. SWEET!
    Is 28, feels like 28. High today, 33. Buuuuurrrrrr!!

  • We got 3-4 inches of snow last night, amazingly Nexa and Leo liked it when I took them out this morning! They both stood in the sun room with this bewildered look, wondering what this white stuff is…hopefully, they’re this accepting all winter:)

  • When it first snows here in MN the b's in my house run out and then right back in looking at me - "I'll do my business when this goes away." Sometimes they have to go in and out a LOT before they finally figure out - nothings going to change.

    Even thought I have a patio and the wood deck for them - that I shovel off - they HAVE to plow through belly deep snow to get to 'their' spot. Sometimes if it gets really cold - I'll have to go out and carry one of the old dogs back as he gets so cold he won't move but just sits and cries.

    Ah the perils of the African dog in a Minnesota winter.

  • We got a foot of snow! 😃

  • most times the snow itself is not an issue for my dogs - it's when there is that bone chilling cold that really does them in.

  • Well,,,,,,we got our first snow of the winter here in southeastern ohio and I was very happy to find that the furbabies LOVE the snow! In fact today the temp was milder than yesterday so the "kids" stayed out quite a bit playing with each other then the neighbors lab. It was sooooooooo funny,,,,,,,they were running when one of them discovered a hump in the snow. Soon all three were trying to figure out what it was. They quickly realized it was one of their toys that we hadnt got to bring in before the snow and they acted like it was a buried treasure they way got excited!!! They chased each other around for at least 45 minutes taking turns in the lead with their "treasure"! I was a little worried about how long I should let them out in the snow – worried about their little paws. Anyone know how long is to long or will they let me know like usual when they have had enough of outside?

  • Here are some pics we took the other day in the snow…

    Miles is really fast…

    See… Look how fast!

    But the two of them totally enjoyed romping around.

    Miles with his Daddy.

    He likes to go under all the trees.

    PooPoo apparently does not like the snow as much. Either that- or she hates that coat, "It's not doing anything for [her]."

    Oh, my kids!

  • OH NO!! What is Lexi so upset about?? I've never seen her pretty teeth 😃 LOL!

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