• Goober won't go out when it is raining. This is very frustating when I get a squishy surprize during my morning pee. Any ideas?

  • go out with him….

  • @tanza:

    go out with him….

    With an umbrella over him-It's stupid I know, but they like to keep dry. I have a big ol pine tree in the front-that's where all of mine go in the rain.

  • Yes, however never expect that "you" as the human will keep dry… ggggg

  • Get him a rain coat. This is the only way mine will go out…go figure! 😃 I don't cave in...no pee..no going home. He WILL eventually figure out that the sooner he pees the sooner he gets to be dry 🙂

  • Ha ha Pat! Yes, we are secondary-aren't we!

  • see.. "rain is sulphuric acid" thread:D

  • see.. "rain is sulphuric acid" thread

    So true!! And so is wet grass!!! 😃 😃 😃 We had terrible rain on Sunday & yesterday the two of them looked at me like…."you want US to go walk on THAT..you've GOT to be kidding" LOL

  • If you have a garage, use that. I put mine in the garage for about 10 minutes when the rain's heavy. Then I use Nature's Miracle on the pee so there's no ammonia. Then I wash it with the hose later. Otherwise I sometimes just put the leash on them in the morning and they'll go on the grass fairly quickly so they can go back in. Sometimes it takes a short walk down the street in the morning.

  • I have the same problem. If we go out to early and dew is still on the grass Manning throws a fit and we play tug of war with the leash. He hops back and forth pulling on the leash choking himself until I relent. I tried the "you will stand out in the rain until you go" method but it resulted in me standing out in the rain for 20 minutes staring him down! I looked like a drowned rat and he won the day. He has actually held his pee from the time he woke up one morning all day until it stopped raining late that night. I tried the raincoat but his feet still get wait so he throws a fit. The best solution I came up with was to run him out under the overhang of the roof right next to our door outside. It isn't grass just a bunch of landscaping pebbles but at least he goes.

  • When it rained a couple of weeks ago…I took Lillie out and while I was trying to open my umbrella...she peed on the top step (outside). She wouldn't go any further. I wish I could find a raincoat with a tiny umbrella attached to it. I think that is the only way she will go out in the rain. Hmm...maybe I will try and make one on my own.


  • Jodie-it would be the HOTTEST selling items for B's 😃 😃

  • mine cant stand wet feet, i have to carry them into the back yard….release and hope they pee before they run inside.

  • Rocky has been known to hold his pee for two days so he won't have to go in the rain. Also has a huge dislike of wet grass, pavement, etc.

    Snow is not a problem though! Go figure!

  • We have dewey grass every morning and I have to fight Caesar to go outside. It really is ridiculous. I have to pick him up and throw him out into the grass. He freezes and looks at me like he is being tortured, " Can't Move Mom, I might explode!"

    Then, 90% of the time he runs back to the porch before going and holds it all day.

    This is not a good example for a puppy in training.

    I suppose, on a positive note, it is good that they dont pee on the porch.:eek:

  • Ours wont go in the rain unless you go with them. Our dogs live for their walks so they get walked in the rain quite a bit, only in heavy downpours or lightning storms we wont go out.

    They still will not go without you or a treat.

  • Oh well, in Tampa near the beach, when it rains it pours. I put on my shorts, and a rain coat and we float down the road with the current!

  • During the muddy spring rain season here is when the ground is still frozen to some point. Then it rains and the ground can't absorb the water, the yard thaws a bit and turns to soft mud, because the grass is still dormant.

    Anyway the dogs paws get filthy when they go out in the yard, se we have to wipe them down in the mudroom. If they decide to run around in it, it splashes all over their undersides, so a quick bath might be in order (which they hate)

    To get to the point, our male hates us to wipe his paws off, so he is in the habit now, that if his paws gets wet after a walk or from being outside, he sits down and cleans himself up before he comes back in. Sometimes he refuses to come in the mudroom till he's finished cleaning himself. Our dog sitter was just amazed on how clean they keep themselves.

  • My basenji, Kaya, refuses to go out when it is raining or if there is too much snow. We have used large puppy training pads very successfully. I put her on the leash and walk her to the pad by the door and say "hurry up" like I do when she's outside. Now I dont even have to put her on the leash, she just does her business on the pads and since they have leak proof bottoms, there's no mess on the rug, unless she misses which is rare. I dont know how this would work for a dog that doesnt squat when it pees though.

    We are having a problem now because we just had a beach vacation and she enjoyed going in the sand on the dog friendly beach. She's been resistant to going in the grass now so I am considering a small sand pit in the corner of my yard. Right now she goes under a pine tree. Anything to keep her from going on my clothes like she used to!!

  • Wow! I feel so lucky. My basenji has been raised with a lab, and she rarely acts like water is going to kill her. She is sometimes hesitant to go into the wet grass or rainy yard, but I always take her on a leash, so we just keep walking until she pees.
    In the winter, I clip her to a tie-out rope (supervised), she RUNS into the yard (wearing a sweater, of course), does her business, and RUNS back to the door and gives the fastest sit ever (because she MUST sit before going in or out) - before being let back in. It is quite comical, like an old silent movie running too fast.
    Mine also prefers to poop in the farthest reaches of the property, which is nice since we don't have to walk in anything near the house.

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